Bounce, Kinetic, Dynamic Text Animation Pack, Presets, Tool

Bounce, Kinetic, Dynamic Text Animation Pack, Presets, Tool

What does this After Effects project contain?

  • Bounce and Dynamic Text Animation Tool.
  • Bounce and Dynamic Text Animation Presets.
  • 40 Bounce Text Ready Presets.
  • 25 Bounce Text Ready Compositions.

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  • The project has a detailed Help.
  • No plugins required.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Extremely fast rendering.
  • After Effects CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019 compatibility.

Basic Presets

Basic presets allow you to create your own text animation!

Create the desired text animation yourself. For this, you have all the necessary controls. In the Preset there are all advanced settings that allow you to create any text animation.

Using presets, you can quickly and easily create bounce and dynamic text animation yourself.

Use presets to create typography, text animation, title animations.

You can animate the text, letters (characters), words.

No keyframes!

Ready Presets

In addition to the basic presets, in this project, you will find 40 ready-made presets that are already tuned and ready for use. Just select one of the 40 presets and apply to the text. Done!

The project contains previews for each preset.

Advanced controls for all properties of animation

Presets have advanced controls, with which you can easily customize and create animations.

You do not need to work with keyframes. Just change the property (control) and the animation will add itself.

You can easily and quickly edit animation properties (Anchor Point, Scale, Skew, Tracking, Rotation (Y, X, Z), Position (Y, Z, X), Scale, Animation Frequency, Animation Decay, Animation Duration etc.)

Intro and Outro

The text layer has an Intro and Outro.

  • Animation Intro starts on the In-Point layer.
  • Animation Outro starts on the Out-Point layer.
  • You can enable and disable Intro (Animating the appearance of text) and Outro (Animation of text disappearance).

The Intro is always at the In-Point of the text layer. The Outro is always at the Out-Point of the text layer. Intro and Outro are always at the start and at the end of the layer, so you can safely change In-point and Out-point of the text layer. Also, you can shift the text layer in time on the timeline.

You can use any duration of a text layer. Animation will be automatically timed for duration.

Ready-made compositions

This project includes many ready-made compositions that you can use. Stylish and trendy animated text for your projects. You can edit color to all elements.

Resolutions: 4K Resolution 3840×2160, Full HD resolution 1920×1080p, but can be scaled to any size.

Other Information

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