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can i change the colours ? I need red…

You can change the color using: (for After Effects) = Effects > Color Correction > Hue/Saturation (for Premiere Pro) = Effects > Video Effects > Color Balance (HLS)

hey so this might be a stupid question, but when I put your clip on top of my clip it isn’t transparent/ How do I blend the clips? (now I am using blend mode: Add. But it seems very light and transparent)

Is this only meant to be used with darker clips? (my current clip is daylight)

Hi, clip has an alpha channel, at import select “premultiplied alpha”.

what software you use?

I purchased this but have absolutely no idea how to edit it, put text on it. Is there a reason this didn’t come with instructions?

Nevermind. After 7 hours, finally figured out how to use it. But definitely would be useful to provide a tutorial for those that have never used Lower Thirds/After Effects.

Thanks for your purchase.

Can I use this on FCPX? Would I need to make the adjustments(adding text or changing colors) first in Motion?


Sorry, i do not work with FCPX.. , In many programs, the color changes with the aid of “HUE” and “Saturation”.

Can I use this in Camtasia 2 for Mac? I have AE but not a pro at it. Camtasia will convert .mov to .mp4 any suggestions? Thanks!

Hello, I’m sorry, but I’m not a professional in Camtasia. unfortunately I can not tell you anything specific on this issue. Thanks!

Hello, sorry are these just video files rather than After Effects files? Unless i have downloaded something wrong. Thanks

Hello, yes it’s just video files. they are in the section “Motion Graphics”, there is no “After Effects Project Files”. Sorry

How do I open these in Premiere Pro?

Excuse me, I somehow missed your message. I hope that everything worked out for you?