Discussion on Beat Editor | After Effects Script

Discussion on Beat Editor | After Effects Script

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Hey, great work!

I’m getting an error with CC2017:

Any ideas? Thanks

Hi, thanks!

Looks like script can’t take command “Convert Audio to Keyframes”. As you can see on my example on this stage he create layer “Audio Amplitude”:

Is it possible to get this project from you? I will test it on my computer. Also, did you try this script on other After Effects versions? Perhaps there was a conflict with other commands or plugins.

If I will not find solution we will make refund. Sorry for this.

I see!

After I did “Convert Audio to Keyframes” on the audio layer and then it worked after I selected the audio layer…

It did not without doing “Convert Audio to Keyframes” before pressing generate.

Was that in the guide? Am I dumb? :D

Refund not necessary even if it wouldnt work bro ;)

It must work without any additional manipulating. I just made same process like you and it’s work fine too. :)

Could you run this code using Extendscript with selected audio layer: var numb = app.findMenuCommandId(“Convert Audio to Keyframes”); alert(numb); app.executeCommand(numb);

Lets check the number of command and the possibility of its using.

Hi there! Does this work on AE CC2018?

Hello! I can not test it now, I’ll answer tomorrow :)

Yes, everything works well!

double post, please delete this

Hello! Send me a message via my profile page, and we will continue to work by email. In message write me the name of command which you type in the fille “MenuCommand.txt”, your operatin system and Atfer Effects version.

Is this works on Adobe Premiere 2018?

Because my current projects are quite large, then probably only in the summer can I take them.

for your update to Beat Editor or new products?

I’ll think about this when the product is ready.

Not sure from comments above. Does this work with current version of AE CC2018?

Hi! Yes, it works in the latest version of the After Effects. But not in the Premier Pro.

Amazing, Exactly what I was looking for and more. Accidentally Purchased twice, can I get 1 refunded? Can markers have properties to make the time-remap go in reverse?

Hi, thanks! Write in support of envato about the second purchase, only they can decide about refund. About reverse. Unfortunately there is no such function.

its ok for after efects 2020

Did you use the steps from the instructions? 2.1. Change MenuCommand(if error)

come si cambia?

Place the file “MenuCommand.txt” from videohive archive in the same folder where you have the file “BeatEditor v1.2.jsxbin” in After Effects folder. In this file write the command exactly as you have in your version of the language. In English version it looks like this: right-click on your audio layer “Keyframe Assistance”->”Convert Audio to Keyframe”. This “Convert Audio to Keyframe” on your language paste into file “MenuCommand.txt”. And allow all applications access to this file. I described what I do in the video “2.1. Change MenuCommand(if error).mp4”

hi i want buy buy the beat editor but i do not know how to make it work in 2020 after effect and can i have a test for a one day try ?

The script should work in the 2020 version. The instruction will be in the archive after downloading

There are tutorial video how can i make it work ?

Of course, after purchase, you will find a video instruction in the archive.

According to the copy on the page this was last updated in 2016. Are you no longer developing / supporting it?

Can it apply AE markers to the audio layer? All the markers in the demo video look like they’re generated by the script inside the script. I want something that can accurately, quickly show me where the main beats are so that I can do my own edits without having to continually scrub back and forth trying to find the right place to cut.

Finally, is it compatible with CC 2021?

Thanks. SJ.

Hello! Sorry for the long answer. This project may not be suitable for your tasks.