Discussion on Awards Show Package

Discussion on Awards Show Package

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Hello-I’m having problems with the black backgrounds on the lower thirds as well. I’ve looked at the other comments but I’m unable to fix it. Any help would be great. Otherwise, this package is terrific.

Hello, please email me with screen capture to Thanks.

Hello, can you please get in contact with me, I bought this pack and its not what i thought it was and does not seem to be working.

Hello, please email me with screen capture to Thanks.

I have asked for author to reply many times and haven’t heard back. Please refund my money, There is no alpha channel in the animations and therefore only renders with a black background. Totally useless if I want to super over a video which is of course what a lower third is for.

Hello,sorry for the late reply, haven’t updated the a/c for sometimes due to some personal issue.I have checked the images are in HD format and are sharp rendered. For the golden square ,lower third and gold elements are also in png alpha channel. The alpha channel source is in the folder Pre-rendered_footage>sequence.

If necessary , give me your email, I can guide you through where it is.

Furthermore, if you need to refund,i think you may need to open a request and send information to the admin first.

I have tried exporting this as an animation codec with alpha channel but it still does not have a transparent background. I’ve tried everything. You created it to use as a transition isn’t there an alpha channel?

For the golden square ,lower third and gold elements are also in png alpha channel. The alpha channel source is in the folder Pre-rendered_footage>sequence.

Hello, is is possible to see the five colors preset ? Can I only change the background colors, or is it also possible to change the square rings colors because I would like to put another color than gold. Thank you !

Friend, I wish you great sales and positive mood! ;)

Great template, but I have 2 questions. I exported the background in the animation codec which I believe is lossless but the background still appears to look very compressed much like you would see in a very compressed online video with gradients. Is there a better way to render? I also see that there isn’t an alpha channel which seems important since its designed to start a scene transition as an overlay.

did u get an answer? Same problem here.

I still haven’t heard back from the creator of this template and am therefore going to ask for a refund. The animation does not have an alpha channel, meaning that the lower thirds, openers, etc will retain their black backgrounds rendering it useless. Whats the point of having this if you can’t overlay it to a video? Please refund asap.

Hello, I recently purchased this Template. I do need some support to adjust transition according to video length : I really don’t how to to this Can you help me. Tks

Hello, still no reply. Can you help ?

Hello, i purchased this yesterday, the package download extremely slow and then it stuck in 60 % once i went to download again it says download limit is only 20 times and i cant download again until 24 hours, i have to use the download manager because it seems impossible to download this package with browser speed. if you can send me the files in another way or any thing you can suggest the better working way, please answer to solve this issue its very very urgent. thank you.

Hello, the hosting is managed by the envato market (videohive),you may need to direct contact the admin of videohive. I cannot send you the file directly due to the terms.But I tried just now, the speed seems normal.Please try again and let me know if you still cannot download,I will help you to ask admin.Thanks.

Hi, thanks for your reply well i can download it now. Its working, cheers

Is there away to add more title thirds in Awards Slideshow 1? I need the ability to have about 30 slides. Right now it is showing 10.

how do I replicate the nomination sets. I want to do the 4 nomination set multiple times

Just bought it. It does not show the footage, all that shows are color bars. what should I do?

hi?i see Unable to archive and No such file directory when i download ?can you tell me what happen?

Checked,the file is fine to download.Possibly your connection was not too stable with videohive at that moment.Please try again.Thanks.

The ‘Lato’ Font is not found. Can anyone send a new link.

Hi I purchased this product. I has only one 4 nomination screen. I have 6 awards with 4 nominations each. The guide doesn’t show how to replicate the nomination sets. Please guide as to how can I replicate the 4 nomination sets.


Hi, we really like the package. One question however. Any tip on how to replace the black background with a video or photo (either in AE or Premiere). The black does not seem to be alpha channel.

Is it possible to change the gold dimand edges in the annimations or are they pre rendered?

In the NOMINATE scene, i have the image and the nominator that are linked. I duplicate one of this for make a nominator with six space but are linked and when i change one, change also the other. How i can make this?

Do you include tutorial for this one?

why the download is so slow… bought already

What video editor software am I supposed to use?

After effect


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