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Fantastic as allways! : )

Thank you Zengarden :)

Beautiful work!!! very nice track also! good luck ChosTeam!

Thank you so much Permaloop :)

Amazing and very original … love it…. i like a lot also the choice of music.:)

Thank you realthing :) means a lot !

Well done guys, impressive!

Thank you :)


Thank you so much, really appreciate it! If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask :)

Love the moves, sick work!

Thank you so much :)

Great use of Fume!

Thank you Grizzle !

You Go BoY! Thats my kind of work! 8-)


This is massive..I love the way you had made thid project so energetic with many variations..Hats off for this great work friend :)

Thank you so much friend! I’m really glad to like it :) you’re a great talent!

Hey, at first i really love your work. that’s why i bought it an hour ago :) but now it causes me a lot of troubles with errors. i don’t have any Background, just 50 errors in a row :(

windows 8 with ae cs6

Hi eLmuerTe, it sounds like After Effects is not importing the pre-renders. Don’t worry, it usually means the zip-file wasn’t downloaded fully.. Re-download the zip file. Also, If you can contact me at ghosteam.official@gmail.com – I’ll send you some more tips on how to make sure your asset files are ok. GT

Great Support! Thank you for your fast and helpful e-mails! <3

No problem, I aim to please :)

wow, I’m excited after watching this! amazing project!

Thanks rubi2000!

Very nice work. Good luck.

Thank you so much :)

Outstanding Project & a Toolkit, Beautifully designed – buenissimo.

Toda bro :) you’re the best !

Oh wow…Officially in my opinion one of the best i’ve seen in videohive so far. Good job my friend!!! Great detail.

Thank you so much Amethist ! that’s the best compliment I got :)

Will this scale to 4K?

Can you please contact me through email ? I will explain everything about 4K and this project. Ghosteam.official@gmail.com Thank you :)

Yep, thanks!

did you send anything? I haven’t seen any new emails, thanks :)

Amazing! Does it have an alpha channel? Please email me back OLegendStudios@gmail.com

I replied. and yes it has an alpha channel.