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Another wonderful project!

wow! amazing quality! big greetz from Poland!

Great job! Wish you many sales!

I can see this being used on T.V. sometime, very good work.

Great work Man!

i need the font Meroitic Hieroglyphics in mac .ttf – all free fonts is curropt.

please help

an error with the same name can not be email

Hi, thank you for swift replies, you have been really helpful. I have used a different Egypt font for mac which maybe better. So i do not need any help on this. Warm regards

Was glad to help you

Excellent work! The hieroglyphes are funny (I´m a student of egyptology). Your video tutorial is also very helpful and I hope to get the files adapted to my project. Thank you for this awesome piece of animated art. :)

Hi, I am not an expert in this. Therefore, choose your favorite font and inserted it. It is very interesting to look at the draft in your performance.

Best Regards Ruslan

Ruslan I love this template and I am thinking of purchasing it for a Houdini video I am about to create for a Client. Can this be completely recreated for Houdini if I purchase this. Meaning can I use the photographs I have and replace the dog images and the “King Tutt” with simple photographs? Oh and the font?

thanks, Aaron


You can change any of the image. To do this, you need program After Effect CS5 or higher. Houdini this template does not opens.

Best Regards Ruslan

Just one word: AWESOME! Worth to pay $27. Keep doing your great work :)

Thank you very glad to hear that. I will continue to do good work.

What is the cost of the Font used in this piece? Is it free? Thanks.

yes all the fonts free

Hi! well done! for your work. Is what one can easily change the scriptures Heroglyph other writing? thank you

Yes, just change. Simply insert the symbols

Thank You !

That was fantastic! :D Beautiful transitions. :)

meroitic hieroglyphics font won’t work for mac users … any idea of how to fix this ?

try to choose a different font

i found 1 , not easy to find lol :)

Hi ruslan-ivanov, I purchased your awesome template and need help with it. I sent you an e-Mail a couple of hours ago

Hi. I did not see because the message in spam.

Answer asked:
  • I think you need to move to a separate track all segments separately. And duplicate first segment.

    Image in preview

    The footage used in the preview are authorized for use under Creative Commons License. Thanks to the author Carsten Frenzl 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14
  • any help i have some errors in the expressions : transComplete = effect(“Fade Master Control”)(“Transition Completion”); easeOut(transComplete, 0, 50, 0, 100) > fade master control is not present , plus the font is not working how can i swap it ? thanks very much

    What language do you use? Try changing to the ENG Replace font in placeholders