Discussion on 555 Animated Icons

Discussion on 555 Animated Icons

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Are these icons compatible with CC 2019? I don’t see it listed in the description and wanted to be sure before I purchase.

Sure! I’ve just updated the list of compatible versions – the last time I have checked it, it had not been not on the list yet.

Awesome! Can you help me understand the limits of the license? Do you have to purchase a new license each time you use any one of the icons for a project?

Licensing is a good question and it is something that could really be improved on Videohive. Currently there is no clear “multi-end-product license”, both the standard and extended licenses covers one single end product. (And indeed, every time you should buy the project based on the rules.)

But! I believe this is a bit of a slippery ground if your videos are interrelated, please take a look at these:
(allowed variation)
(What constitutes a series…)

Hope it helped!

You are so talanted, mate! Bravo!


Hi Risto,

Looking really great! How is the compatibility with Bodymovin right now? I saw some answers about it like 9 months ago. I’m wondering if there’s a change in the answer today.

And if not changed, how many of the icons would be suitable for Bodymovin?

Hi there,

as far as I know, there are still expressions/functions/etc I use which are not yet supported. Unfortunately I cannot give you an estimate right now… I will take a look at it again, hopefully soon.

please any one tell how to change the colors of icons Animated Icons 500+-After Effects Template Videohive

Hi there, it is described with very clear steps in the tutorial pdf, page 11 and 12. If you are still unsuccessful do not hesitate to send me a message (but please use your envato account with which you’ve made your purchase):

Kind regards!

is there a way to use this as ”.MOGRT”? I know the sound would go away, but It’s much more conveniet for me.

No, it was not designed that way, although there aren’t a lot of options you have to customize besides color – and for color, there is a “one click” global color control, so I believe it is already very user friendly.

Kind regards, Risto

Then allow me to convert it to MOGRT myself by a regular license, and then I use those MOGRTs where-ever I want for as many times as I need.

I cannot allow such thing on my behalf, it is Envato whose rules apply here. There is not such a license unfortunately that permits an infinite amount of re-use of any template. But you can surely convert them to .mogrt for yourself if you find that useful.

hello I bought 555 Animated Icons I thought it was working on animationstudio But I was surprised that it wasn’t working I don’t want it all in one project Do you have a solution ? I hope you understand me because I use google translate naser

Hi there, I’ve sent you a message!

Legendary project!

I am glad you think so!

Says download is corrupt. Please advise. Want to use this since I purchased it. Thanks.

Could you please send me a message?

I will send you the file directly to see where the error lies.

I actually think it is an Envato issue. I have downloaded 5 different files from the collection and they all say they are corrupt. Started today. Never had this happen before. All my other zip files open fine. I will contact Envato. Perhaps you can do the same. Thanks for your efforts.

I see, sounds strange indeed. In the meantime, I can send you the original zip file from my computer (just send me a message (not a comment)), if you wish.

Hi, i have a a quesstion im a very basic After effects user .does it comes with a videotutorial on how to use this item? Thanks for the response

Hi there!

The icon package was designed for beginners as well; although it does not include a video tutorial it does contain a pdf – which is really straightforward and really easy to understand and follow.

If you wish I can send you an excerpt from it to see the level for yourself. If you would like it, please write me here:

Kind regards!

Hi, just two questions: - Does it work on CS6? - Does it have to be installed in AE or is it enough to open compositions?

Hi there,

please take a look at the supported After Effects versions: it works on CS6. The pack is a simple .aep file, no installation is needed, you just import it into your own AE project file and drag and drop the desired icons into your composition(s).

Kind regards, Risto

Thanks for the quick response! I had read about the version but I wanted confirmation. Thanks again!

No problem, I am here, if you have any more questions. Kind regards.