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Just bought this, and can’t change the colors no matter how I try, following your PDF etc. Please advice, AE CC2017, MacOSX.

Hi there,

that sounds really strange. If you open the animated icons aep itself without importing, do you get the very same error?

Please send me a message and I will help you (via Skype or whatever).

Until then: I always suggest this in case of a problem:

Please open the original, unmodified aep file you have downloaded and see if the problem exists there.

Listening to your problem, I have a slight guess: Didn’t you accidentally import the project twice (into your own project)? This way one of the effect control compositions will be ineffective, maybe the one you are trying to adjust.


Is it possible to add colored stroke to icons?

Hi there! Yes it is, open any icon (e.g. i Atom) and click on the (Atom) content layer; then go to Layer > Layer Styles > Stroke. You either have to remove the shadow if you would like to use this or add it on top of this stroke.

Hi there. Do I need to have after effects to use these icons? I don’t and I can’t seem to open them. thanks.

Hi there, yes you certainly will need it. Ask for a refund please if you were unaware of it and I will approve it. But if you decide to give a try to After Effects, you will surely be able to customize the icons and use them, since the pack is absolutely beginner friendly.

so much icons!

There are a few indeed!

Can you please let us know what the latest update is about?

Hi there, yes, there are 55 new icons; I will soon update the project description to show the new ones.

The names of the new icons are now written with bold letters.

Are the colors of your icons can be edited? If yes, how?

Yes, of course. There is a composition in which you can easily change the colors and shadow of all icons at once; and in each icon composition you can override this global color rule and set custom colors.

Can I use these icons in a commercial theme (tf)?

Do you mean that it is your theme which you are selling on the market and you would like to add the icons as part of it? In this case, I am afraid, not.

Super elegant and eye catching. Congratulations!


Hi there I’m unable to change the color for the Social Media icons. The global control checkbox is not working for them.

Clicking the checkbox does work for all the other icons however.

Not sure what’s wrong. Little frustrated because I have to now by a different pack in order in order to get this project done for my client on time.

Otherwise great pack however.

When I checked inside the “Do Not Edit” folder I noticed the social media icons don’t have the global control layer on them. Not sure if that might be the issue.

I copied that layer onto the icons however and still didn’t fix it.

Hi there!

I am very sorry, indeed this was a bug – only the global color worked on them. I have corrected the issue, I am going to upload it in a second, but it might take a few hours until it is updated on the envato servers – please send me a message and I will send it to you immediately.

Sorry again, I hope you are still in time!

I am waiting for your message here:

Got it, just sent you a message.

Hi! (안녕하세요.)

What kind of license do I have to purchase to get an unlimited usage of Y-tube channel which is approved to make profits?

Hi there!

Sorry for the late response: I am afraid there isn’t a license for that, both licenses cover one single end product. But I believe this is a bit of a slippery ground if you read these:

  2. (“allowed variation”)

Hi Are icons compatible with BodyMovin? Thanks

Hi there!

“Not perfectly”. I tested it 2 years ago and with a little tweaking I could get nice results. But as far as I remember there were unsupported features which the icon pack uses, so I must say that by default it is not compatible with bodymovin.

Dear Sir

First of all i really like your toolkit. I have a quick question. I am an undergrad student studying Robotics Engineering. I make videos on my YouTube channel and planning to make animated videos on YouTube. Can you please tell me weather I can use following toolkit for my you tube videos

I will be monetizing my YouTube Channel. Is it OK to buy regular licence for making unlimited videos and monetize them ?

Thank you

Kind Regards

Hi there, I’ve sent you a message!

Can I use this on multiple videos on a single youtube channel with regular license?

Hi there,

here is a quick guide for you:

It basically tells you, that each time you use the pack in a different end product (YT video in your case) you have to buy the product again. There is currently no “unlimited license” for videohive unfortunately.

But there is an exception in case of a series:

If you can consider your videos to be a series then it is fine to purchase one regular license.

Hope it helped.

It’s realy good work !


Hi. We were thinking of buying extended license. We would be converting icons to .json files and using in plugin. Will extended license cover this usage for our plugin? Thank you!

This is all providing if we can successfully accomplish making them great. We will buy regular license for testing. LMK if we are on same page. thank you.

All right, fine by me.

A simple naive question. If i use one of the icons in my vlog and then I use the same icon in say one of my documentary I have to pay twice ? I do not sell any of my finished products I only upload them on say facebook ?

Not at all naive! Both licenses let you create one single end product unfortunately (video in your case). But I believe this is a bit of a slippery ground if your videos are interrelated, please take a look at these:

What license do I need to purchase on my personal YouTube channel after purchasing this product and using it for video editing?

Hi there!

A regular license is what you need if your video is distributed for free, unless an extended license.

Kind regards, Risto


tlyn12 Purchased

I cannot get the background color to change when creating GIF icons. I’ve followed your instructions and watched the related YT videos. I sent you a message a week ago with no response. Please respond.

Hi there, I did reply to you ~15 minutes after your initial question, the message was sent to your yahoo email address. Maybe it landed in your spam folder?
Here is what I sent to you:

First of all, do you have a transparent .mov from After Effects? You can see this in Photoshop after importing, the first frame should be a transparent rectangle.

1) If not, the problem is in AE: You should check whether you have the latest quicktime, set the Format to PNG and set the video output / color to Unmatted and the Channels to RGB + Alpha. (In the youtube tutorial video it is Premultiplied(Matted) (meaning merged with the background), because I exported with a solid background and not with transparency.)

2) If yes, the error lies somewhere at the gif export step (Photoshop). Did you check the transparency option?


Kind regards, Risto

(Please let’s continue via email, thank you!)


tlyn12 Purchased

that worked. it was the RGB+Alpha/Unmatted setting. Thank you.

Great, I am glad to hear that!