Discussion on 3D Slideshow Creator | After Effects Script

Discussion on 3D Slideshow Creator | After Effects Script

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Can I run on After Effects CC 2018?

Hello! Yes, it will work on After Effects CC 2018.

Hi, I am getting the following error: after effects error: can’t import file “3dslideshowcreator.jsxbin”: unsupported file type or extension. I appreciate your assistance.

Hi! What version of After Effects do you use? Do you try to run it through “File->Scripts->Run script file”?

Ok I got it working, thank you!

Great! Feel free to ask any questions.

I’m having a problem. When i try to create a new slide show i get the following message:

“One of selected item is not footage type”

Can u help me please? Thanks!

Hello, did you select the elements in the project windows, are there only footage elements? or maybe it sounds too. Send me a message through the profile page to continue the email conversation.

Hi, the result of your slideshow creator is amazing, but I’m having a problem. In AE CC 2019 I get very long render times, although running on a new i9 computer. Am I doing something wrong? In some cases I added a shadow effect to modules, and scaled main to 110% to have bigger pictures. Thanks for helping

Hello and thanks! The reason may be in a large number of footage compositions(how mach did you use?) or in the background. Some internal backgrounds take a long render. What preset are you using? Try to switch of the backgroud composition a check the render time.

Hi, I have 50 photos in my slideshow, and when I render CarouselUp design I have a background slowly going down. At the end of slideshow the background is at half of the frame out. Help me!

Hi, send me the video of this issue. Write to me please on my email through my profile page

Hi! It is possible to choose a diferent duration for each image? Even if it is manually. Slide 1 >> Wait 5 secods >> Slide 2 >> Wait 10 seconds >> Slide 3 >> Wait 6 seconds… etc. Thanks!

Hi there. Sorry for the long answer. Unfortunately, this function is not provided.

Ok. Thanks for the info. But after the creation of the slide with the script, can we change the duration somehow? Even if it is manually one by one changing the camera keyframes. Thank you for the answer!

There is only an opportunity to change the time the same for everyone. But not separately for each footage. Everything works on expressions, so you can’t change it manually

Hi again. After the slideshow creation, it is possible replace the image with a video? Doing that changes manually, off course. Thanks.

Yes, you can insert any footage