3D Puzzle

3D Puzzle


This package contains:
  1. One Master project with a ready to animate 20 piece 3D puzzle containing two image options: both 1 single image over the entire puzzle and 20 separate images (one on each piece).
  2. Two different projects to showcase the versatility of the template.
  3. Ten pre-animated puzzle “explosions” ready for you to set your lights, cameras, etc. and create your own concept.

Project 1 Details

imag 01
  • 20 individual images: ideal for community centres, churches, multicultural groups, schools, support groups, government, and any social group.
  • Duration  1:31 minutes
  • 21 Photo or video holders
  • Color customization
  • 9 Text Holders
  • Audio   Vintage Love by  maxvic  (NOT included )
  • Font use Oswald

Project 2 Details

imag 02
  • 8  ”exploding” puzzles with a single large image on each: ideal for logo reveals, opening sequences, etc.
  • Duration  1:29 Minutes
  • 8  Photo or video holders
  • Color customization
  • Audio   Something Big is Coming by Soundrepository  (NOT included )

Package Features:

imag 03
  1. No external plugins required.
  2. Full HD
  3. Compatible with CS6+
  4. Each puzzle piece can be moved, scaled, rotated and animated independently.
  5. Easily choose any colour for the back side of the puzzle pieces.
  6. Easily choose any colour for the floor surface.
  7. Use your own reflection maps to give your own look.
  8. Easy to use, even for beginners.
  9. Fully customizable. Easily create your own projects.
Check out example 1 of how to use the template 

Example 2

This  project was completely built in After Effects and requires no plugins.