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Excellent project! Wish you many sales :)

Thanks a lot!

Very usefull work!! :)

Thank you very much. :)

Hi , i purchased the file for 3D Bars, but i can only get the .aep file for the bar chart with two columns, other folders are showing only the render for the rest of the charts ,

please advice, thanks a lot

Hi, my dear friend. I checked back – alright. Please take a screenshot and drop me an email through my profile page, thanks!


Ochen horoshaya rabota!!! Great job my friend. Very professionally looking, nice presentation and lovely colors. Wish you great sales

spasibo bol’shoe!! Thanks a lot!

Hi I purchased you 3D animation I nevertheless encounter an issue when I set the rounded numbers command to OFF, I get suddenly and endless row of digits during the slide animation. They disappear at the end only.

Secondly I want to know if its possible to completely discard the info in front of the 3D bars (the changing numbers)

can you have negative values in the bar graphs?

Hi.In the 3D bars only positive.

I also found the problems with the “rounded numbers OFF”. Do you have a solution for that? Thanks

Hello, Thank you for contacting us.We are very sorry that our project has caused you difficulties. We found the problem and working on it. will fixed today. Thanks.

we have updated the project. try please now. Let me know if you have any questions.

Works fine! Thank you!

Super project! Good luck and more sales! ;)