250 Paint Matte Elements, Brush & Strokes

250 Paint Matte Elements, Brush & Strokes

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250 Paint Matte Elements – Brush And Strokes

A Huge variety of animated paint mattes,
Brush strokes, marker strokes, watercolor, acrylics, chalk,
Scribbles, blots, pastel and much more!

250 High quality paint matte elements
Scaled down from 10K scans
Easy to use on pictures or videos
Matte or screen/add blend mode
Create your own brush transitions / lower thirds


  • 15 Blot elements
  • 5 Extra thick brush strokes (3000px wide)
  • 15 Thick brush strokes (3000px wide)
  • 15 Medium brush strokes (3000px wide)
  • 15 Thin brush strokes (3000px wide)
  • 15 Rounded brush strokes (3000px wide)
  • 15 Brush strokes variations (2000px wide)
  • 10 Chalk scribble elements (2000px wide)
  • 10 Chalk strokes (3000px wide)
  • 10 Crayon elements (3000px / 2000px wide)
  • 10 Marker scribble elements (2000px wide)
  • 10 Marker strokes (3000px wide)
  • 10 Oil Pastel Scribble (2000px wide)
  • 10 Oil Pastel Strokes (3000px wide)
  • 10 Medium roller strokes (3000px wide)
  • 10 Thick roller strokes (3000px wide)
  • 10 Thin roller strokes (3000px wide)
  • 10 Roller stroke variations (3000px wide)
  • 15 Splatter And Drops (2000px wide)
  • 10 Water color medium strokes (3000px wide)
  • 10 Water color thick strokes (3000px wide)
  • 10 Water color thin strokes (3000px wide)


10 High quality paper textures
3 Brush transitions

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footage/music not included
you can find this music HERE

Create your own background or transition,
reveal logos and videos
Use in grunge presentations or vintage slideshow
Matte luma elements and frames
Splash up your projects

Get Creative! Get Artistic!