25 Rays Backgrounds HD

25 Rays Backgrounds HD

UPDATED to Version 2

25 Rays Backgrounds are twenty-five different animated ‘rays’ backgrounds. Each background is five seconds long and loops seamlessly. The entire project has been given a creative and technical update. It’s now better than ever!

Based on 25 Looping Backgrounds 4k.

Just drop one into your project and you’re done. Use them in motion graphics, as animated textures for 3D projects, as broadcast elements, or… well anything. They’re super-useful. And don’t forget, you can tint, color-correct, invert, filter, or otherwise edit them in a million different ways!

A 4k version of 25 Rays Backgrounds is available here:

• Five Different Styles and Twenty-Five Different Colors
• 00:05 Long
• Loops Seamlessly, they can be extended as long as you need
• HD Resolution (1920×1080 @ 23.976 fps)

Rays 1

Rays 2

Rays 3

Rays 4

Rays 5

Rays 6

Rays 7

Rays 8

Rays 9

Rays 10

Rays 11

Rays 12

Rays 13

Rays 14

Rays 15

Rays 16

Rays 17

Rays 18

Rays 19

Rays 20

Rays 21

Rays 22

Rays 23

Rays 24

Rays 25

If you LIKE it, RATE it! (And if you don’t like it, tell me why so I can make it better.)

If you have any questions or comments about 25 Rays Backgrounds HD please send me a message through my profile page.