340 Cinematic Color Presets + 15 VHS Video Effects

340 Cinematic Color Presets + 15 VHS Video Effects

420 Color Grading Presets for Premiere Pro, 15 VHS Looks Effects, 5 Old Film Looks

340 Cinematic Color Presets + 15 VHS Video Effects - 1

UPD (15.09.19) Added 5 new VHS effects (10 to 15)
UPD (19.09.19) Added 110 new color presets (230 to 340), 2 new categories: Instagram, Creative
UPD (15.10.19) Added 80 new color presets, new category – Vintage, 5 Old Film looks with 10 old movie scratches overlays

  • Project includes Premiere Pro preset file .prfpset
    and 3d lut files .cube
  • .cube files may be used also in After Effects
  • 420 unique color presets for color grading
  • 12 categories of video styles:
    Aerial [30], Cinematic [50], Fashion [30], Skin [30], Special [20], Travel [50], Urban [50], Vlog [30], Wedding [50], Instagram [20], Creative [30], Vintage [30]
  • Use it like premiere Pro presets
    Or just select needed .cube 3d lut file in lumetri color
  • 15 VHS style effects (VHS Effects Preview)
    15 noise overlay footages
  • 5 Old Film looks + 10 scratches overlays

This pack will help you to make your video looks great, get cinematic proffesional look. Adjust your family or travel video in several clicks, just apply one of 420 color grading presets on your footage right in premiere pro. 12 categories of presets are for helping you to navigate, there is no nessesary to try on every 420 preset, just choose category close to your type of video and apply needed preset. Names of presets contains information about it`s color and tone, so you will find one, that looks perfect on your footage.

Package includes 15 old video VHS styles for video and 15 noise overlay footages, you can use it separatly or combine to get new looks. VHS looks can be opened with Premiere Pro CC2017 and higher versions.
Added Premiere project file with Old film looks, applying in 1 click.
Music from preview AuraSonic – Glitch Drums Music Kit