2016 Election

2016 Election

Add a modern polish to your next election themed project. 2016 Election A.E.P. is five projects in one!

1. An animated icon set featuring 8 vote icons and 2 political party icons.

2. A United States map project with simple controls for highlighting states.

3. An extensive library of politically themed motion graphic assets.

  • Backgrounds
  • Borders
  • Motion Accents
  • American Flag Animations
  • Single State Shape Layers
  • Custom Background Photography for Candidate Portraits

4. A standalone 70-second motion graphics project introducing two candidates and encouraging voter turnout.

5. An “Election Results” project with simple controls for revealing the final tally.

Are you covering the big election in November 2016? Are you looking to inspire your voter base for your upcoming Student Council bid? Vote for Election 2016 A.E.P. and wow them out there on the campaign trail!

Music – “Boom Clap”
Author – illuminations

Flag Sound Effect – “Flapping Flag”
Author – ShahruhAudio

External Fonts
Available for free use on both personal and commercial projects from Font Fabric.

Code Bold and Code Light

Galano Grotesque

No plug-ins required.

NOTE: 3D American Flag Animations and Donkey/Elephant walk cycles are pre-rendered animated elements.