This is Adobe After Effects CS5 project which will help you to create a company promo to demonstrate company growth and achievements. It is visually illustrated with the use of a timeline and year titles to show significant phases of the company.

You have 9 image or video placeholders with description about them and 15 descriptive title spots. And also 3 trendy social services placeholders with your profile web links. And of course 2 spots of your logo at start and at the end of the promo with your web site link. But you can edit the length of each slide, change the order and even amount of them.

This Template has a usefull interactive color corrector which will help you to chandge 10 different object groups like background, titles, stylized timeline, graphics elements, etc.

Music is not included. You can download it here.

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What’s new:

  • Revised the structure of the template
  • Template is extended by 18 seconds
  • New Video Tutorial and Manual
  • Small Bug Fixes

What’s you can do now:

  • You can easily adjust the length of each slide
  • Change the order of slides
  • Extend Timeline with more slides

Check out the new Corporate Template ‘Event Announcement’:

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