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  • WooCommerce PayPal - Advanced Integration using Plugins

    WooCommerce PayPal - Advanced Integration using Plugins

    By SaijoGeorge

    Do you want to add seamless PayPal integration to your WooCommerce powered eCommerce store? With our handpicked list of WooCommerce PayPal Plugins, you will be running advance features of PayPal's payment gateway on your site in no time. If y...

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  • Responsive Joomla Templates - Easy to Customize

    Responsive Joomla Templates - Easy to Customize

    By SaijoGeorge

    Joomla is a free and open-source content management system, considered to be the second most used CMS on the Internet after WordPress. This collection is dedicated to Responsive Joomla Templates, using these templates will automatically adapt yo...

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  • ZURB Foundation Templates

    ZURB Foundation Templates

    By SaijoGeorge

    If you have dived in to the world of responsive framework to build websites, then chances are you would have come across ZURB Foundation, the HTML and CSS-based design template framework by the talented folks at ZURB. ZURB Foundation a.k.a Fou...

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  • WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder Themes

    WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder Themes

    By SaijoGeorge

    Do you want to build a WordPress site that looks unique and inspiring? Are you having difficulty meddling with the code? Click, drag, drop, done! Design beautiful WordPress websites without writing a line of code. Customize the fonts, chan...

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  • New PrestaShop Modules in 2014

    New PrestaShop Modules in 2014

    By SaijoGeorge

    PrestaShop is a free, open source PHP based professional e-Commerce platform. From its humble beginning in 2007, the PrestaShop community has grown to include over 6 million members and is considered to be one of the best open source e-Commerc...

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  • Full Screen Wordpress Themes

    Full Screen Wordpress Themes

    By SaijoGeorge

    In the world of web design, full screen websites fill up the entire browser window regardless of the screen resolution. This design can work very well on landing pages when you want someone to focus on something. Usually you can find an ima...

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  • Campaign Monitor Templates

    Campaign Monitor Templates

    By SaijoGeorge

    Campaign Monitor is a leading email marketing service used by over 100,000 customers from designers, agencies to amazing companies like Facebook and Apple. Campaign Monitor have continually evolved their app, by adding features to make it e...

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  • Mailchimp Templates

    Mailchimp Templates

    By SaijoGeorge

    MailChimp is one of the most popular email clients for small business owners, offering a complete end to end solution to build email lists, manage email campaigns, and track email ROI. The email templates category has been growing incredib...

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  • Email Template Builders

    Email Template Builders

    By SaijoGeorge

    Simplify your email redesign with drag and drop email templates available on ThemeForest. An email template builder gives you various editing options: the ability to add photos, fonts, text and more with a few clicks. Some of them also off...

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  • Pitch Deck Templates

    Pitch Deck Templates

    By SaijoGeorge

    Pitch your startup like a pro with any of these hand-picked startup pitch presentation templates. Scroll down to find unique and professional design built with startups in mind. Many of these templates are packed with hundreds of graphics and ic...

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  • Resume Templates for Word

    Resume Templates for Word

    By SaijoGeorge

    Call it a Résumé , CV or Curriculum Vitae, your resume is probably the single most important piece of paper that will help you land an interview for your dream job. Simply put, it's your first impression with a potential employer, and you know w...

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  • Hero Image Bulk Packs by Exclusive Authors

    Hero Image Bulk Packs by Exclusive Authors

    By SaijoGeorge

    Hero images have been gaining popularity in recent years. With improved connection speeds available to most internet users, designers have started using large images above the fold to to present an overview of the site's most important content...

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  • Bitcoin Icons - Bitcoin Vector Graphics

    Bitcoin Icons - Bitcoin Vector Graphics

    By SaijoGeorge

    Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin have gone viral recently, it's a hot topic with mainstream media. If you are completely new to the concept of Bitcoin check out this video to get a basic understanding of bitcoin. Bitcoin i...

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  • Responsive WordPress Themes

    Responsive WordPress Themes

    By SaijoGeorge

    Responsive website themes and templates offer an easy way to build websites that look great on any mobile device. In addition to loading properly on a mobile device, the best responsive websites also perform as needed and are easy to navigate...

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  • WordPress Themes With Video Backgrounds

    WordPress Themes With Video Backgrounds

    By SaijoGeorge

    Designers are increasingly using video backgrounds in web design to better community a story about a product or brand. Most of these themes use HTML5 to display videos in the background, which means that the videos should play on all device...

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  • Download InDesign Templates ~ Print Ready

    Download InDesign Templates ~ Print Ready

    By SaijoGeorge

    Adobe's digital publishing platform InDesign is a desktop publishing software used by hundreds of thousands of designers worldwide. InDesign is a great for working with periodical publications, posters, and print media. In this collection we wi...

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  • Bootstrap-Шаблоны


    By SaijoGeorge

    Bootstrap-Шаблоны на ThemeForest Эта коллекция Bootstrap Тем и Шаблонов от ThemeForest предлагает классическую функциональность Bootstrap с оригинальным и неповторимым стилем, а также дополнительные возможности для каждой Bootstrap Темы или Шабло...

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  • Plantillas de Bootstrap

    Plantillas de Bootstrap

    By SaijoGeorge

    Plantillas de Bootstrap en ThemeForest Esta colección de Plantillas y Temas para Bootstrap de ThemeForest mantiene la funcionalidad nativa de Bootstrap, aportando también funcionalidades adicionales para que cada tema o plantilla de Bootstrap ten...

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  • Parallax WordPress Themes

    Parallax WordPress Themes

    By SaijoGeorge

    Parallax Scrolling creates an illusion of depth by moving different layers of images at different speeds. Parallax scrolling can add depth to simple images and can bring them to life. When this idea is put in to web design it provides a way for us...

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