London based AE / Motion Graphics Designer, Videographer and Music Producer

Hi There, Thanks for stopping by.

This all started as a hobby for me. travelling the world, taking pictures, creating music… started with a simple Canon 550d, but then it started to get a little bit serious.

Fast forward my entry into the microstock world and after tons of design courses, upgrades to RED Epic and Canon 1DX MK II cameras, Industrial cinema jibs/cranes, dolly sliders, aerial drone photography equipment and a whole lot of pro studio gear, here i am – doing this full time.

I also can help you create your own custom logo ! So you don’t have to to worry about the hassle of editing templates yourself. If you are new to Adobe After Effects or using project templates, don’t hestitate to contact me with your questions. I can also customize and render the projects for you for a fixed rate. I’m always pleased to help you.

I’m quite approachable and love getting involved at all levels. i love working on projects all levels – from the smallest of student productions, to deadline-driven creative projects for large multi-national Fortune 500 companies. It’s all Rock ‘n’ Roll to me !


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Thank you, and Happy Creating!


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