Z Cubes - Transition

Z Cubes - Transition

Based on my top item, Z Cubes goes A LOT further; And has additional tools for even better control.
It works great with any video application that supports luma mattes and basic compositing, including:
•Final Cut Pro
•After Effects
•Premiere Pro
•Sony Vegas

What you get:
• After Effects sample file
• 5 different matte clips to transition your videos.
• Shadow clip
• Reflection clip
• Depth Map clip, which can be used to displace your videos in 3D or to add a blur from depth of field.
• Normals Map clip
• Simple (application independent) Instructions are included.
• Also, as bonus, I included the image sequences, which you could render out as a different video format or even take in to Photoshop if you want to use it there.

Here is a Sound Effects Pack that fits perfectly with this item, and the other items in this “Cubes” collection.
The music in the demo can be found here.

•No 3rd party plugins are required.
•1920×1080 29.97fps

Please feel free to contact me with with any additional questions, comments or suggestions. Enjoy!