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please contact me at having some issues with logo image syncing

Sorry I am not quite sure how this product works? Do you just put transitions for subscribe buttons or video links in the video, then when you upload it to YouTube you put the actual button over your icons in the video?

Yes, in and out animations for youtube elements.
You need to put buttons over the elements from video manager.

Hi, will you be adding end screens to this promotion pack? Thanks :)

Very cool promo pack! Side question, where can I find that background video you used in the example with the girl? Thanks!

Is there a way to change Youtube logo (the first opening) to Instagram instead for example?

Kind of the same doubt here:

treyvancamp PURCHASED

almost 2 years ago Flag For the “opener” title, is there any way I can replace the play button with my logo?

I love this product by the way!


Please, tell me how can I extend the duration of the youtube promotion pack the – next videos composition 1 (where they appear all 3 videos) – I dont see the control to extend it to 20 seconds or more.

Hello there! I want to know if this pack works with Filmora video editor! Thanks! :0)

Hello Julio, Sorry for the delayed reply. This is an After Effects project file. you can use it only with Adobe After Effects. But you can render any item with alpha mate (without a background) and use it with any video editor software.

Thank you for reaching out.