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Amazing work buddy!! ;)

Looks great! Good job!!!

cool project!


uhmath Purchased

Quotes 3 does not adjust its animation when the title is shortened. It just suddenly disappears. Your introduction video claims that titles are time adjustable without effect on the animation.

Happy New Year, info bars 10 – works fine, mouse drags graphics elements – this is final cut limitation


uhmath Purchased

I’ve bought titles and lower thirds packs from other designers, and you can always drag with the mouse. There’s obviously a correct way to build these titles that allows for mouse dragging. It doesn’t look like you’ve built these all properly. Some of your info bars can be moved using hte inspector controls, and some of them can’t be moved at all using any method.

Thanks for your helpful feedback. I have already transferred this to our developers. try to fix it in the next update

Look very clean!

I am unable to changes the position of all the text boxes? Please help me solve this ASAP.

Hello, thanks for contacting us. Could you please describe the issue you are having in more detail so we can better assist you. The most effective is recording the screen with this problem.

Please Fill our help form And we will try resolve this problem soon as possible Thanks

Let keep this conversation public so future buyer can understand issues with your product and service. Position of the “Info Bars” is not possible to change which make it useless for a creator.

PS: I am extremely disappointed by your buggy product and slow support till this point.

Hello, Happy New Year ! Just re-checked info bars section, all works fine.

Please specify in which element you have еру difficulties?


liahb Purchased

I just brought this and I have an issue trying get the social media icons and the openers to works and there are no direction on how to use the end card. can you help me with this.

Hello , Thank you for contacting us. Could you please describe the issue you are having in more detail so we can better assist you? Thanks. Thanks.

Hey there, how do I open or use these templates in Apple Motion? Many thanks

hello, just click right mouse -> open in motion

is there a forecast for the release of the next version?

hello, actively working on it. Within 2 weeks



Do you have any support for presale? I have contacted you from, but I don’t get any response!

always happy to help. We could not find your message. Please write to

I downloaded the fonts, but I’m not sure where I’m supposed to put them. Please advise. TIA

Excellent, thanks for this!


ccm8 Purchased

This didn’t work for me from step 1. I added the files as you showed in the video and they appear broken? Is it possible to get a refund? Or can you show me why this is happening?

Hello, try please to install fonts from tutorial folder


ccm8 Purchased

I’ve done this and it didn’t help. Is there another reason why it’s broken?


ccm8 Purchased

I updated my final cut and it’s working now. Thanks

Hello! Sorry I’m impatient for the new version. lol Is there a correct date for the release yet?

Thanks! Send me the “beta” lol!

Thanks for the update man! But the subscribe 6 is missing a image source to change image… Can you help-me?

found, fixed, thanks drop a pm in the answer we will send fixed version of this element

Amazing project.. Good luck..

Hello. Am I able to change out the Youtube “Play” button icon or is that a permanent image?


Efrainvm Purchased

Hey, I just Bough it but, when I open FCPX the titles slow the performance. Is it a new version? or something. // I deleted the titles on the Movies folder and it runs perfectly, installed again and slow every single time.

Amazing work! ;) Good luck!

Hi! Can you help me? In the animations when i replace the source with a video, this make a static image, not simple play the video like the older version.


leithseo Purchased

Hi. When using “10_EPISODENAME”.. I am changing the fill 1 and 2 color but they are not updating on the actual video. Frustrating..

will this work for final cut 10.3.4?