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Good work my friend!!! ;)

Thanks very much :)

So nice project!

Hi Honypix I emailed about how to install this to FCPX and I haven’t gotten a reply can you please help me im anxious to use this download. thanks

Thank you very much for liking Please copy the folder to the bellow given path

Go to Applications>right click on Final Cut Pro>Show Package Contents>Contents>Plugins>Media Providers>MotionEffect.fxp>Contents>Resources>Templates>Titles>

now open FCPX and you can see the project in Titles> Custom or in Titles

once you open the file please follow the FCPX video tutorial file ( which is included in the main folder)

please mail me ( for further help :)

Hi there. I do not know, how to make all my social media links to appear in one clip, like in your promo video? Also with “quotes” titles. It seems that I cannot move the animation in FCPX. Thank you in advance for feedback.

Thank you very much for purchasing, please mail( linking we cant do in Fcpx, you can move animations in Fcpx by changing the positions,me for further help :)

hey the files dont open in FX please help

Thank you very much for purchasing. Please rename the folder “Supporting Media” to “Media”.drop this folder in to “Motion Files ” folder now copy the ” Motion Files ” folder and paste to here: Movies > Motion Templates > Titles. Please mail ( me for further help :)

Great work.. Good luck..

Thanks very much :)

Hi! I have emailed you on how to get the text at the very beginning of the video (text appearing bottom top) but haven’t got any reply from you.

Aw :(( But I literally bought it especially for those intro text animation. I would be very grateful if you could send me just a little sample project of the text animation so I can includ it pleaaase.

Please wait for to update it I am going to add those titles as bonus in the main project. I ll let you know once its done :)

added those titles please download it again and use :)

How can I make the texts longer, disappear very quickly? when I lengthen the element the title gets slow… please help!

Thank you very much for purchasing. If you have Motion you can do this very easily. In fcpx just so simple too. Make the layer compound clip and cut in the middle and extend the separated layer. If it has out animation cut it in to 3 layers in the beginning where animation ends and in the end where animation starts. Please mail ( me for further help :)