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Why did you delete Asia and middle east maps? I’ve bought it but now I can’t download!

Hey dj_shifty, sorry but progress had to give way to the new template. The good news is that I’d be happy to send you a copy of our new World Travel Maps template at no extra fee. Send us an email to and I’ll get you sorted right away.

Hi ! I’m really interesting by your template. I just have one a question about my last travel : is it possible to zoom into cape verde islands ? We did a trip on those islands. Thanks for your answers !

And another question, is your template will be completly compatible with AE CC 2020 ?

Hi Kentin69 yes it will.

Hi Kentin69 could you please get in touch at and I’ll give you more details there. Thanks.

I tried few map system, and definitely, this one is the best! It’s easy, quick, it’s work without a big computer, all is thought well and full customized. Video tutorials are clear and very useful, and the support is really efficient, responsive and nice! Thanks Tautas for your precious help with my LR ;)

Thanks! ;)

Hello, there is any solution to fast reverse direction of path? For example, i have path with multiple points, and i want to reverse direction of driving vehicle. Waiting for your help :)

Hi rysakpawel, you can reverse the flight path by swapping out its start and end points, but I don’t think you can do that for driving paths. I know the pain of having to redraw that path but that’s the only way to do that :)

I don’t really understand the License, and I’ve read through the license details a couple of time which doesn’t answer my question. If I’m travel blogging and I want to add the travel map to the beginning of each video for YouTube (not monitised, but maybe at later date) just to update as I travel. Do I have to purchase a regular license for each video, or is it just the once.

Hey and you’re not the only one. It’s certainly a bit confusing, especially if you’re producing something for online use, where neither the lifespan or the audiences are defined at the initial stage of production.

I think they have something about a “series” there where you can get a single license as long as you don’t produce more than 52 episodes a year.. We authors don’t have any say in this so you’ll have to refer to Envato documentation. Have a browse through their forums – that might be of more help.

thank you, will continue searching – and such a great project file by the way


Hi South11, great template! But I have a question, I’d like to zoom in further than 100%. I understand that this has visual repercussions but my client really wants a closer view. I’ve tried editing the slider but the values seem to be defined somewhere else. Can you help me out? Thanks.

Hi there,

Yeah there are limitations for close you can get in and that 100% is about it. Would you mind sending us an email to with a reference on google maps for close you want to zoom in and I’ll see what can be done.



ikraal Purchased

Hi there do the maps cover South Africa?

Hi ikraal, they do indeed.