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Dear CreativeLab, writing to you in order to splash out emotions not just to compliment you. Everytime you create smth, you create a NEW PERFECT WORLD .

- GB (your friend) -

Awesome work! Very well done! :)

Amazing work. I can clearly see how you did everything, but my god is that a lot of work. So much detail in the animation! You sir are insane. Great freaking job. Looks very sleek. Keep up the good work.

Awesome!!! nice job man!!

Great “videohive” project !
Wish you all the best ! :)


Cool one Dude !.. And perfect one for the World of Xex..

Great work zemljak :)
BONUS MAYA files – Priceless!! ;)

Very nice and very professional! Well done :)

I bought this Template please let me know how can i get the msuic thanks

Hi there! Please send me email to the and I will reply with the audio info Cheers Aleksandar

Can I use this in CC?

I didn’t test it, but I don’t see the reason why not. Please try and if you stumble on any problem let me know