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Excellent work!

Hi Chernu! Bought your work! Looks very nice but how I am able to more than 7 point at the animation? When I copy a point there is the rotating symbol and the flare missing. Can your tell me how to fix these? You can also use my mail Thank you! Simon

I sent you a letter on your mail.

Chernu, Nice work!

Hi, nice work, a pre-purchase question, there is not much info in the description. I’m wondering if the “map” can be changed, for example changing the world map to a country map.


Hi! This project is not so detailed, for use as a country map. You cant use it in closeup.

Its asking for the pfdintext font. Where can i get it?

Hello, I like the design but looks like Japan is missing, isn’t it?

I have purchased this today but some how its not working , i am not sure if i am missing any file

What the name of the file? Give me your mail.

the e mail address is

Check your mail.

Hello Chernu! I purchased the animation today and I need to add more points. Could you please tell me how to do it? Thank you!

Hi Chermu, i purchased the animation and i need to add more point too. Could you send me the short tutorial please ?

I just find how to do it… ;)

Hi, I am buying this template too and would love to receive an updated link to the tutorial regarding adding more points to the map. Thanks

Hi I purchased the animation, and seems like I received the template about how is done. This is a video or just a tutorial?

Hi! Its a simple template, you can change colors, change points positions and point titles like it shows in tutorial. Just open After Effects and paste your data.

Hi, i need to add more points. how do i do it?

Thank you, but I don’t have access to it. Please give my email access rights.

Oh, very nice work

Hey I keep getting a message that says I need install CUDA 5.0. I’m not apple to see full map, just the points. Thanks really need your help!

Can you send a tutorial for adding more points? Thanks.

NVM, I figured it out. I just need some export help. Thanks! This has been great!

can i put this in Adobe Premier Elements?