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Hello, if i write you a script are you able to make a specific project regard your explainer kit ? Thank you.

I did not receive the gel pen font. How can I get it?

Hi, Thank you for purchasing! You can download it for free here: Also, you can find the links for the fonts and music in the help document included with the template. Kind Regards.

Thank you. I am fairly new working with After Effects. After viewing your video, I still need help with how to use your template. For instance, I am starting with the Blank Comp and want to add the hand drawing text. Can you let me know how to build this from scratch rather than editing the pre-existing comps? I cannot find any other tutorials on line.

Hi, thank you for asking. I’ve listed the three steps below. Please let me know if you will need a tutorial video to help you complete this task.

1. Drag and drop one of the extra text comps into the timeline, or select the type tool (Control / Command + T) from the top tool bar and click in the Comp Window to type some text.

2.Open the Writing Hands and the Text Reveals folder. Select the comp that would best cover your text.

3.Drag and drop the text reveal comp into the timeline,make it the top most layer, and position it over the text. Similar to 35:07 in the Help Video.

Kind Regards :)

Cool and wonderful work! something very worthy !! I wish good sales !!

Thank you for the well wishes!

Hello, my computer has 6gb RAM but when i try to open your whiteboardwow files, after effects write to me its not possible to open it!! WHAT TO DO ????

i wish to speak with you in private, how can I please ?

I am sorry to write that here but i didnt find anything to contact you in an other way. I am in love with your Template but my computer is not powerfull enough to be able to open your file in after effects. And it’s too expensive for me to buy a new one right now! Thats why i am asking you to give me the money back ! thank you by advance dear

Hi, no need to apologize. I’m sorry you were unable to use the template. You can request a refund at the bottom of the linked page: Kind Regards!

Hi, have two presale questions: 1) How can I use more elements? There are just a few elements. Any option? 2) Is there any update planned? Last was four years ago. Thanks

Hi, Thanks for asking! You can add your own elements and reveal them using one of the pre-made hand animations.

You can view a tutorial for vectors here: and for images here:

There are no updates planned, because there will be a more complete replacement released later this year.

Kind Regards :)

Hi, can you please show me where the stated more complete replacement is? You have a link?

Hello, huge apologies, the new release was postponed. Will be sure to keep you up to date in the future as to when it will hit the marketplace.

Fantastic work!

Thank you so much!

Hi It looks very nice. I have a question before buy.

Is it possible to edit the template in Adobe After Effect cc2018?

I have notebook Dell Inspiron – windows 10 Intel Core i7-8550U , 16GB RAM DDR4

Thanks for answear.

Have a nice day

Hello and thank you for asking. Yes you can edit the template in AE 2018. When you open the project, just click OK when asked if you want to convert it to AE 2018.

Also, this is a large file with a lot of elements, so I would suggest reducing the resolution of the preview while you are working on your Dell notebook.

Kind Regards :)

Have a nice day and please let me know if you have any other questions.

P.S. We are offering 25% off on our editing services for the month of November. Just send your request from our profile page if you are interested.

Thank You very much!

Amazing work my friend!!! Happy sales!!! ;)

Thank You!! :)

Is there a woman’s hand (to do the writing) also available in the template? Thank You.

Hi, I think it is a woman’s hand. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a similar photo with nail polish, if that is what you are looking for.

ah ok thanks I see it now

So excited. But I have some question. My macbook air AE CC 2018 is ok?

Hi, Thank you for asking! Yes it will work with AE 2018. When you open the project you’ll be asked to convert it to CC 2018, just click the OK button :) This is a pretty big toolkit so I would recommend that your Macbook has at least 16GB of RAM. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Kind Regards.

Question: When I change the text of an existing comp, for instance, from “CONTACT US TODAY” to “CALL NOW” it looks like the writing hand is keyframed to the original text, which means now it is drawing the CONTACT US TODAY text and not respecting the new smaller width text. Do I have to re-keyframe the hand everytime for a text change?

Hello, Thank you for your purchase!
No need to re-keyframe :)
The animations are pre-made so you would just need to swap the current text reveal layer with a smaller one.
There are several to choose from in the “Writing Hands” > “Text Reveals” Folder.

Here's a screen grab to help:

1) Select the Text Reveal Comp that best fits the size of your type
2)Select the current text reveal layer in the timeline
3) Use the shortcut Ctrl/Command + Alt+ / to replace one with the other.
4) Position and scale the new text reveal layer as needed.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, or if you would like to have custom drawings, videos, edits or animations made. All services are 50% off until the end of July. Kind Regards :)

I have the same error on my Mac. It can’t running.

Hi Thank you for purchasing! I’d be happy to help. What is the error message?

So, I was bought this thing on my mac. But I just read your notice. Do you have any updated for mac users?

Hi I thought the issue was resolved so there have been no updates made. However I can separate the template into smaller multiple files to see if that solves the problem. If you’d like me to send you the separated files, please send me a message from my profile page and let me know what version of After Effects you are currently using. Or if you prefer you can request a refund here: Thank you :)

Hi, I downloaded the project support. But it gives an error “Cached Preview Needs 2 or More Frames to Playback.”I cleaned all cache but didnEt solve. Project too slow… My system features i7, 8gb ram and 1GB Geforce graphic card. I want to withdraw my payment and buy your other product. Is it possible?

Hi I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble using the template. You can request a refund here: Or if you prefer, I can separate the file into smaller files that may be easier to use and send you a download link. Just send a message from my profile page to request the separate files. Thank you for purchasing!

Thx, i fill refund form and buy other project. Beccause i think this project too huge for my system…

Ok :) Please let me know if you have any other issues.

Hello You animation is very nice. Can You draw into animation a character a businessman in the style of Satan? How much would it cost?

Thank You and have a nice day

Hi Thank you for purchasing, and for asking! Can you please send a message from my profile page here: for more info.

Hello I send it. Have a nice day


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