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Hi There,

I do video editing for customers and I would like to offer Kinetic Whiteboard to my clients by using and buying your template.

I would like to ask if i can use your video so I can show this to my customers? I will add this to my website?

Please let me know

Thank you Olie

Hello! My customer liked your template. I’m ordering 1 now!

Great! Thanks :)

Does this work on AE CC 2015?

Hello, Thanks for asking! Yes it works in AE CC 2015.

We are AE advanced users and we want to deeply modify this template. As far as we undestood, we are able to replace any icons in any part of the animation with our custom icons and illustrations, right? Is it fully customizable (no rendered animations on video files)?

Hi Thank you for asking! Yes you can add any of your own icons or illustrations that you wish, and it is fully customizable. The drawings are even made up of AE shape layers. :)

Hi. I love this animation. We already have a project started and need just the hand to overlay as pictures are revealed with masks. Can we import that hand you used into our own project?

Sorry. No it doesn’t, but there are two hand animations that wipe from side to side that can be used for erasing. One for erasing half of the screen and one for erasing the whole screen

Hi. I purchased your template and love it! Just one more question.

I already had a project with all my characters, buildings, text, etc. in there. I imported your project file so it’s in my project now, and I’ve successfully added hands doing things like writing in my elements. However, I don’t see any way to customize the speed of the write-ons, wipes, etc.

I’ve tried time remapping, time stretching, changing the keyframes of the hand position controls to “roving with time” (I think that’s the terminology) to stretch them out – all to bad or no effect.

Can you please let me know if that’s covered in the video? I did watch it and I didn’t see it in there but I could be mistaken. If not, can you please tell me a good solution for this. I have intermediate skills so if you can point me in the right direction/ right effect/ etc. it should help. Thanks!

Hi, Thank you for purchasing! I sincerely apologize for the delay I was traveling and didn’t see you comment until now. No, unfortunately that is not covered in the video. The most effective way would be to open up the writing hand comp you want to use and adjust the Linear wipe keyframes on the Background layer as well as the position keyframes on the shape layer above it. Then re-position the Hand Position Cntrl layer to follow. I hope this reaches you in time to help. Best Regards!


Good template, all are ok, only a small probleme … With Adobe after Effet, we can use the “é” and “è”, only “e” It’s a french version so absolutly necessary, it’s a fonction / filtre or other ?

Before thanxs for your help

Great! Glad I could help :) Thank you!


Sorry, I recome to you for an other question. I change a littre the vidéo and know the vidéo have a longuer of 1m37, but the parametre are on 1m30, when I Finish / import the vidéo, only 1m30 export.

I forgot something for parametrage or we can’t extend the video ?

Thanks for tour light

Best regards

PS : After two days of cherching I write to you and 2 min after I see where^^ It’s okay, sorry

Glad you found it :)

Great Template, I want to buy it but it doesn’t seem like you have updated this or any of your templates in years. Any chance you will update this with more scenes, characters, or items? Thanks

A lot of the object and location drawings will be included but the characters will be different and have more options. It is hard for me to say when it will be done, but I am working hard on it. Thank you for your support. :)

Can you give me an idea, because I really would like to buy an explainer kit and there are about 5 different ones I am looking at on Envato, Pixity, and others. I liked yours the best however so before I make a decision, I want to see when your new one will come out. 1 month? 3 Months? A year?

My goal is to have it done before the end of June, but in my experience large projects like this take longer than expected. Which is why its hard for me to give you a definitive answer.

How is the new product coming?

Hi, Thanks for asking :) Still on track for the end of June.

Hello. I’m trying to change ”how does it work” to portuguese. How can I change the HOW part. Is there any tutorial for that? I’ve purchased it in another account

Hi, Thank you for purchasing! Unfortunately, the “How” is one of the drawings and is not text that can be changed. However, you can turn off the layer and use the text tool to type a word in its place.

can i change character to my region clothes

Hi Thank you for purchasing! Sorry, no, not with what is included with the template.

Awesome template great work, but i can t get kit to work, everytime i tried to preview it gives me the following error msg “AFTER EFFECTS ERROR: CACHED PREVIEW NEEDS 2 OR MORE FRAMES TO PLAYBACK” i was with adobe support for almost an hour and they told me it was the template fault, can you please help

Hi Thank you for purchasing! I’d be happy to try to trouble shoot the issue with you. Let’s start with the easiest question. Is the work area set to more than 2 frames? For example:

yes it does

Thank you for your reply. If you haven’t already, please: 1. Empty the cache 2. Close After Effects and Restart it. Preferences > Media and Disk Cache > Empty Disk Cache.

If that doesn’t solve it, please send me a message from my profile page( letting me know what version of After Effects you are using, so that I can provide more detailed instructions.

Hi there, bought you template and have the same issues as ciaogroup. It repeatedly says “AFTER EFFECTS ERROR: CACHED PREVIEW NEEDS 2 OR MORE FRAMES TO PLAYBACK”. It’s definitely the project, and not the actual cache as other projects preview and playback just fine. Running CC 2015.3, very disappointed as purchased this with some urgency only for it to have preview errors.

Hello, Please try going to Preferences > Memory, and making sure “Reduce Cache size when system is low on memory” is NOT checked. The new AE update may have caused this option to be selected. Please let me know if this solves the issue, and thank you for your purchase!

Hi Guys, which knowledge After Effects level do I need ir order to working with this?

Hi, Thank you for your interest. The included help videos are designed to guide even first time users through the steps of editing the template including rendering the final video.

Can you use Corel Video Studio to edit the video?

Hi, Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, this template only works with Adobe After Effects.


I liked it! I’m familiar with AF but not very experienced though! It is possible to change the language, right?

Hi, thanks for asking! Yes it is possible to change the language of the text. However, the included voice overs are all in English. Please let me know if you have any other questions. :)

Hello Niki,

I bought the file and I’m very satisfied but I had some problems today!

I’m creating the promos with the blank comp as I want to have them 100% personalized, but although everything is perfect when I finished the scenes when I go back to the blank comp to view all scenes together only part of some specific scenes are displayed and the end is missing, I have tried stretching the time in the blank comp but I don’t think that’s the problem. Also when I want to render the blank comp but I haven’t used all scenes, should I delete the others before rendering? otherwise they’ll be rendered together, right? Can you help me? Hope I was able to explain accurately . Tks.

Hi, Thank you for purchasing! I’d be happy to help. It sounds like you need to increase the duration of the scenes comps as well as extending them in the blank comp.

To do so: Double click to open your scene, then choose Composition > Composition settings > and increase the time in the Duration field. Then drag the end of the comp layer in the Blank Comp.

As far as rendering goes, you can edit the length of the work area to limit what will be rendered from the timeline. Here’s a pic The shortcuts are B (for beginning) and N (for end). I hope this helps.

If you have additional questions or if my response doesn’t solve the problem, you can send me a message from my profile page here :

Kind Regards

Hello dear friends, how do i contact you guys? i’m having trouble with the files!!

Glad that the original problem was solved. Any other questions?

Great work! I wish you many sales!! :D

Thank you!

Fantastic work buddy!!! ;)

hello. I bought this template and I like it a lot. but I am facing an error only with your project file. “After effects error: Cashed Preview needs 2 or more frames to playback.” I checked all solutions provided by google :) but still now working.

I am working on windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Intel i7 6600U 2.60GHz 2.81GHz. 8.00 GB (7.87 GB usable)

Please suggest a solution as soon as possible

Hi, Thank you for purchasing! Some customers have had the same problem with some of the other toolkits on the marketplace. It seems to be an Adobe Cloud bug. If you have access to an older version of After Effects (6.0 or older) please try opening the file in that version. If not, you can download an older version by following these directions: I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

it works fine with cs6, and also on another machine win7 with 32Gb ram on CC17. thank you