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Hi, I’m trying to turn the motion blur on but the effect is not showing up. The main switch is on as well as the layers switch. Is there a global setting you have changed to get rid of it?

Thanks, Mike.

Hi Mike, Thanks for purchasing! You can change the amount of blur by going to Composition > Composition Settings. Click on the Advanced tab and adjust the Shutter Angle and Shutter Phase until you get your desired result. As far as I know there is no way to change a global setting, so you would have to adjust all of the comps that you want to be effected. I hope this helps. Best Regards!

Hi Mica, do you offer customization services?

Thank you for purchasing, unfortunately I’m unable to offer customization services at this time.

Please I purchased this software but i am having very serious challenges hence I have been unable to use it. the Presentation to revolve around Studio, Movie Making, etc. How do I go about that. What I mean is that I would love to change the objects to be studio equipments like a boom mic, Camera, etc.

Hi, this is only a template for Adobe After Effects. The project only comes with certain drawings. However, if you have drawings of a boom mic, camera, etc. you can add your own drawings to the project, by following this tutorial: Also, if you mistook this for a software and would like a refund you can open a support ticket here: Best Regards!

Boa noite, gostaria de saber se nesse modelo consigo alterar todos textos, para que se encaixe em nosso marketing. Obrigado

não tenho certeza se eu entendo, mas, sim, você pode mudar o texto I only speak English, so this reply is from Google Translate. I hope I answered your question.

Hello, please I bought this thinking I can get the svg files of the images used in the project but unfortunately, I can see any of such. is there anyway I can get the svg files of the images so I can use them in my VideoScribe projects ? that would be great! thanks

Hi, Unfortunately I only have the in-project versions at this time, but you can save the drawings as images by choosing Composition > Save Frame As.. from the top menu. Regards.

Hi there! This theme is just awesome and fits the bill, I think I just need to make a few custom changes. I am wondering if you can share the voice over artist details that was used in the animations and if I can find the same guy in Voice Bunny, so that I can hire for a few words that I would like to have them custom voice-over and maintain the integrity of the video.

Thanks much in advance!!

Hi, I’m glad you like the project :) The Voice Actor ID is 1RJ6ELK You can use this link to save 20% just enter the ID in the search field and your good to go. Best Regards!

Thanks much! Can you please provide me with the ID of the lady voice that described Julie as well?

Sure, the ID is 1USBEH4 Thank you for purchasing! :)

Is this video helpful in this case?

Can it trace any image automatically?

Yes you can reveal any image or text, you just have to drag and drop one of the write-on transistions on top of your image or text. If you’d like to see before you buy, these videos show how to add your own png/jpeg and how to add your own vecter artwork I hope this helps :)

My boss bought this for a project and it’s great. The only issue I have with it is that you don’t have exact alternatives for both male and female.

For example, you don’t have Julie in a hammock. Our client didn’t like her on the towel.

Also, if I could suggest… A “star” animation (for 4-star, 5-star sequences).

Thank you so much for the feedback! I was hoping that the different poses wouldn’t be an issue, I apologize for the inconvenience. I struggled with drawing Julie in that pose (I’m still very new to character illustrations) Not sure when I’ll have a chance to update the project, but I’ll definately make these changes first.

Thanks, I ended up using the “relax at desk” pose which was accepted by the client.

I was looking at your demo video and I juat have a quick question. I noticed that the currency symbols on the images are all $. My question is are there duplicate images with other currencies e.g. ?

Yes there are duplicates in other currencies, they we’re added to the finance category as a part of the most recent update. I just haven’t gotten around to updating the videos

Hi great package… I wonder if you will be adding any more characters like a plain t shirt of worker/plumber/maintenance worker character?

Hi Thank you for purchasing! I’ve been working on some characters. Presently the plain t-shirt character looks more like a student than a worker. Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll definately add a worker to the list. Not sure when I’ll get the update out though I have a couple of new projects scheduled to be released first. Best Regards!

hi there… i have a question, where can i include the Intro Logo, where can i modify that?. I saw that doesn’t include too in Video Helper archive. It´s the scene before the Controls Scene

Hi Thank you for purchasing! That scene was created just for the preview video. You can recreate it by adding Logo Reveal 1 from the Explainer Scenes Folder, and the Vertical Line Medium element and hand reveal. Or if you want, you can send a message from my profile page (bottom right), and I’ll email you the scene. Best Regards!

Hi, thanks for your help, i´ll write message in you profile page for get the scene.

Hi did you ever get my email with the attached scene?

This template is the most amazing template i ever work with ! Thank you SO MUCH FOR YOUR WONDERFULL WORK. My work consist to customize video template for my client, so i use to work with a lot of video template… but this one is just PERFECT ! so easy to use, everything is already made, we just have to click on the fountion we want, and the video tutorial is so esay to follow… the voice over included is so a good idea ! Best template EVER !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, really really really good job ! I’m sooooooooooooo happy to have chosen your template…

Thank you so much for such a glowing review! I’m so thankful that you chose my template. And I am overjoyed that you have found it so useful. Have a wonderful day! :)

I cannot get the presets to load in AE CS5 Mac. Is there some sort of compatibility issue? I was under the impression that this project was for CS5.

Hi Thank you for purchasing! Unfortunately the presets only work for CS6 which is noted in the description. AE allows me to back save the project from CS6 to CS5, but not the presets. I apologize for the inconvenience. All the effects that make up the presets are used throughout the project, however, if you want to copy and paste them.


I am loading the project in AE CS5 Mac and it does not appear like in the help video, none of the blue, green, yellow, red frames are clickable, sometimes they don’t even appear at all…. Please help, I needed to make a promotional video by monday and cannot do anything although it says in product descrpition that we need AE CS5 or higher to use it.

If it is not compatible, please refund asap.



Hello again, my comp window is se to fit up to 100% and I have the effects control panel opened, however all I see is white and a few frames with nothing in them… Can I email you a screencap at the mail shown on the video for help? Thank you

Yes please do, that would definately help.

Hi Marie, I never received an email. Is the issue resolved?

Are there more assets or characters available for this tool Whiteboard_Wow? With I can combine with Whiteboard_Wow?

Hi, thank you for purchasing! Sorry not at the moment. Not sure when I’ll have a change to update the template again, but I definitely want to add more characters and assets as soon as possible.

Hi There, We are interested in getting couple of videos done, can you please tell how much will you charge? Cheers Abhy

Hi Abhy, Thank you for contacting me! Please send me a message from my profile page (bottom right) and tell me a little more about the videos you would like created. Best Regards! :)


Can I have a license to use the images in multiple whiteboard videos?

Kind Regards

Hi Thank you for asking! Please contacting me from my profile page (bottom right) and I would be happy to discuss a price for the source files. Best Regards :)

Pice of crap, it creates all kinds of problems within After Effects, it never render, also the IRE whites are extremely high….

Hi, sorry to hear you are having trouble with the template. I’d be happy to help if you contact me through the account you used to purchase the template.


I need this template for a massage institut, so i am wondering if it’s possible to use other background from other source (origine)


Hi, thank you for asking. Yes you can use a different background just drag and drop it under the other layers in the scene. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Best Regards :)