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Hi MotionCraver,

Paypal checkout option won’t work for me… Have you this product on another market place?

Hi Tobechi, Unfortunately this project is only on Videohive. Thank you for your interest in the template! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Cool Project!

Thanks for the nice comment!

Very useful! Thanks!

Thank you! Happy the hear it :)

Hi motioncrave, I’m new to this After Effects stuff and need to learn it asap. I’ve been using PPT 2010 for my videos. Now I want to step-it-up to After Effects.. Saw your offering and love what I see and would like to purchase.

I noticed that I will need Adobe after effects CS5 or higher. I do have a question for you: I need to purchase Adobe but do I get (Adobe now has ‘cc’ for a monthly paid membership) Adobe CC OR do I get Adobe After Effects CC? (or do I have to purchase an older verison of CS5)?

-I hope you understand my question, due to I’m just a bit confused on Adobe and what to purchase.

Thank you in advance

Hi, I’m Glad you asked. The project will work with all of those options. If you want the latest version of AE, however, you will have to sign up for the monthly subscription. If you want to buy a licence outright you can purchase AE CS6 here: I’m not sure where you could buy CS5 though. And you can try CC to see if you like it here: I hope this helps and that I answered your question correctly. Cheers!

Hi…Yep, you’ve answered my question very well. I guess I’m going to purchase the Adobe After Effects CC as a monthly membership and take it from there. I’ll be back to purchase your product…thank you!

Great! Thanks :)

Nice characters!

Thanks! Glad you like them :)

This is really cool. Great job! Maybe you can use some of my music for future projects. I think it would pair well with your work. :)

Thanks for reaching out! I’ll have a listen and let you know if I find a nice pair for any of my upcoming projects. Kind Regards :)

Hi, Is it necessary to buy Adobe After Effects CS5 or is it possible to work without it? I have never worked with Adobe After Effects CS5 I dont know how hard it will be…?

Hi, thank you for asking! You don’t have to buy the software to give it a try. You can download the free trial here: and this project comes with an easy to follow step by step help video, so all you’d have to do is follow along.

If you have more questions, would like to see an example of the help video, or would like me to customize the template for you, please send me a message from my profile page here: (bottom right) Best Regards! :)

Hi there, Can I customize the templates alone? just mixing the scenarios to come up with my own story? the idea that I like some part from the 90sec video and I want to mix them up with the 60secs one.

Hi gloriousking, yes you can customize the pre-made stories easily, just replace the parts you don’t want with the scenes you’d like to use to create your own story. This is covered in detail in the help video :) Thanks for asking. Cheers!

Thanks a lot for answering, am going to order now.

Your welcome, and thank you! You can send me a message from my profile page (bottom right) if you have any questions while customizing. Regards

-eye catching style always :)

Thank you again for the nice comment :)

I really like it, and I hope to make updates and add more animated characters and places

5/5 :)

Thank you for purchasing! I’m glad that you like it. Please rate the project in your download section. Updates on the way. :)

Thanks motioncraver, I rate it already 5 stars


Thank you so much!!!

Hi there,

I like your project a lot so far… sadly though, I got the following errors when opening on CS6 V 11.: ”” cannot be imported- this ’.mov’ file is damaged or unsupported. “9 files are missing since you last saved this project”

"" this ".mov" file is damaged or unsupported
                 " cannot be imported-this ".mov" fiile is damaged or unsupported
                 "" cannot be imported-this ".mov" file is damaged or unsupported
                 "' cannot be imported - this ".mov" files is damaged or unsupported
                 "' cannot be imported- This '.mov' file is damaged or unsupported
                 "" cannot be imported- this '.mov' file is damaged or unsupported." 
"" cannot be imported- this '.mov' file is damaged or unsupported.
"" cannot be imported- this '.mov' file is damaged or unsupported.

Make sure the Effect Controls window is open. Choose Window > Effect Controls from the top menu. (it is toward the bottom of the drop down menu).

Awesome! Thank you, you are a gem :)

You’re welcome! Glad I could help :)

hi, i like this template and want to purchase. But i want to ask more about information. how is the procedure? i will send you my text and picture and you will as and send me the complete video? total price is 40 USD right? if i want to cut off some scene is it ok? how long you will finish it? hope to hear you soon tks so much Liliana

Hi Liliana, Thank you for asking. The $40 is for a license to use the Adobe After Effects template file. By purchasing you would be able to download the customizable After Effects file and use it to create a video. However, we can edit the template for you if you would like, but that would involve additional costs on top of the $40 template purchase. If you are interested in this service please send a message from the profile page here: (bottom right) with a little info about the video you would like to have created Best Regards :)

can you show me the help video? i just send you an email

I sent you a link to the video, I hope it gives you an idea of what to expect. Cheers!

Do you have a graduation character? Or student character male or female? Or can I make one with the custom options wearing a cap and gown?


Hi, thanks for asking.Unfortunately no there is no graduation character yet or the option to make one.

Hello! I begin by saying that I know nothing about after effects. I bought your template and I’m trying to modify the scene “how does it work”, I need to put the word “como” (how in spanish) instead of the word “how” whit same animation. can you help me? do you have some tutorial?

Hi, I responded to your email a while ago. But please let me know if you have any further questions.Best Regards!

Hello,do you offer customization work for this?

Sorry, no not at this time. Thank you for asking.

Is the voice over included with this?

Yes all of the voice overs are included. Thanks for asking!


Curruntly working on it!

Question: Are there more social media icons next to The twitter icon an Facebook in this style?

An Instagram icon is also included. Which social media icon did you need?


Can you tell us what’s new in this update ?

thanks for your efforts

Hi again, I added a little over 50 more drawings. Mostly things but also a few for the people category. Sorry still working on the additional animated characters. I’ll have the updated videos up later today or tomorrow. Didn’t realize updates get approved almost instantly :)

that’s great,

I will be waiting for animated characters,

Thank you for your efforts :)

You’re welcome. Thank you for your support :)

Thanks for the recent update. I am in the middle of editing a project with the old version. How to I start using the new version and still keep the work I have already completed?

Thank you for purchasing! You can just import the new After Effects file into the one you are working on. File > Import and drag and drop the drawings from the imported drawings folder.

Hi, i’ve purchased this template, and i’m doing my own story. What’s the best way to stretch the handwritting? because it’s very fast, and i want to put it slower.

Hi, the easiest way would probably be to add time stretch to the writing hand layer. Layer >Time> Time Stretch. Then increase the Stretch Factor value. For instance changing it to 200% would reduce the speed by half. For more control however, you can open the writing hand comp that you want to use and adjust the keyframes on the Hand Controls layer. If you have more questions or run into any issues please send me a message on my profile page from the account you purchased the template with. (bottom right) Best Regards!