Whiteboard Toolkit Vol 1

Whiteboard Toolkit Vol 1

Whiteboard Toolkit Vol. 1 is a first After Effects Project in the series of volumes.
Together they are covering every aspect of the business world
from on-line to traditional business.

Volumes are created in such a way so they can be combined and mixed to tell any story,
but every volume is a completely independent and can be used by itself,
with more then enough material to build your message.

Quality of the illustration and animation is outstanding.
Everything was recorded in professional studio
using the best camera and lighting equipment.
The Pre-production phase lasted six months
and we engaged some of the most talented artists in the field to create this toolkit.

Drawings and Characters are Business oriented, but the feel is very personal and intimate.
Suitable for promoting any kind of business or product solution.

By playing with the selection and order of the scenes you can easily make the story you need.
Scenes are understandable by themselves,
but if combined with your voice-over and text explanations,
they can be used in many different contexts and completely change their meaning.

Video Tutorials with voice-over are included with the project,
and although the project is simple to use, you should watch the tutorials
to make sure you use the project in the best way possible.

“Whiteboard Basic” font comes with the project.
Font is created specially for this project and buyers of our toolkit are exclusive owners of the font.

Sound Tracks used in Preview Video are not included
but you can get them on audiojungle:

1.Business Music Pack 4
2.Live My Life

Our support team is always on-line and ready to help you with anything.
Customization is also provided and the price is 50 EUR.
You can also contact us to record additional illustration
specific to the needs of your projects if you wish.