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Hi, When I open the project it says missing 389 files. Everything looks right except all the graphics are missing. The writing is fine. How do I get the graphics back?


Hi Mike,

hmm that’s weird, i hear this for the first time.

Did this happen when you have opened the project for the first time? Or later?

Because this is caused if you rename folders within the project. It would not find the path to the images.

Never mind I fixed it.

Great work! looking forward to play with it. Just wondering if there is another way to download this file. My download always times out around 100 MB …

Hello :) Yeah, sometimes the traffic at videohive is too big so it causes issues. Please send me an email via my profile, if you still haven’t succeed with downloading, I will provide you with a temporary download link. Sorry for trouble! Cheers, MH.

quick question.. it is compatible with After Effects CC ? (I see you list CS6 as the newest)

Hi, yes it is. All of those are compatible. I suggest to go with CS6 :)

Absolutely amazing work! Thanks for it! Is it possible to get (small / png) transparent Images of the elements? I think it is useful and time-saving to be able to arrange the scene in a kind of “storyboard” before arranging it in adobe after effects.

Thank you


Thank you for your feedback and the idea! :) Hmmm I dont have this prepared, I havent considered this before…

If you’d like to arrange the scene in advance, you can do it in Photoshop in an image of 1920×1080px.

Or if you’d like to create the small images, you can always do a batch command in Photoshop with action which scales down the images.

I was looking at the preview images which I use within the description of this project, but I’ve got only JPEGs with no transparent background + the sizes wouldnt match.

So I guess that the 1st option would be the easiest one :D

Sorry, I hope at least this was a bit helpful. Cheers!

Thanks for the fast reply. OK – I think the best solution for me is to use the small images from the project page. The Storyboard is just to visualize the progression. I am ok with the fact that the images are not transparent ;)


Please write me an email via my profile page, I can provide you with them so you will have it more hassle free :)

Hello MisterHorse!

I have a big Problem but i think it will be very easy to fix…

I use Main Comp 1 and i put my own stuff in there. At the end i needed more time so i extended the comp from 1:50 to 2:50.

Now there is no backround after 1:50 and i dont find a “backround file” to stretch or something like that…

My Problem: How can i extend the backround for my 2:50 comp???

I hope u can answer fast <3

Thanks dude and awesome work!!

Hello hello!

yeah as you predicted :) this is a quick fix.

You can’t see all the layers in the Main Comp because some of them are set to “Shy”.

So as first you need to “un-shy” the layers. http://bit.ly/1aHz3CQ

I hope my reply was fast enough. I just woke up :D


Have to say, excellent job and thanks for putting all together.

I’m thinking of creating series of educational video using this for my own company, both to be view by members and staffs, and hosted freely in our own server (or maybe youtube etc.. not sure yet.) do I purchase extended or regular license for this. If I create 2 video a week, do I have to keep buying licenses to use it ?

Helloooo :)

If it depends on if you can call it a TV series or Webisodes.

Here it’s covered: http://videohive.net/licenses/faq#single-application-a

“To be considered a series, all things in the series (eg episode, edition) must be connected, and be released within 1 year of the first installment. There is also a maximum of 52 episodes or editions within the series.”

So if your employees do not pay for it – you should be all right with one regular licence, if I’m not mistaken. But all the series should be connected.

In fact, you are already a second who is asking this. I’m still not sure if the “series” applies to this case because I would assume that “series” means something like a TV show with one, continual story which evolves around a character… So it would apply for templates like “boradcast package” and stuff… I’ll contact Envato staff and ask them.

If it’s something like each video is a separated tutorial or something like that, I would assume that it doesnt fall under the series. But I does :)

So for example, if you put there a guy and call him “Mister Horse” and he will be in all episodes as a main character, plus all the episodes would be connected, you are fine :)

It’s gonna be more than 52. I’m putting in short weekly series such as topic “how to eat healthy”, and every week, I will have topic such as “Sleep is important”, “exercise more to keep fit”, “vegetable is your friend”, “Avoid overnight cooked food” etc. Our employee and members will comment and discuss about each topic. I’m planning to use this tools like a template to start some conversation after viewing.

Well, yeah… so far I havent found a specific licence for this case… And “Tool” licences are not available for this kind of templates.

From what you wrote, it would more fit to the “Ad” question where you would have to get one licence for each episode:

“Question: I am doing an ad campaign with several variations on the same ad. Do I need a new license for each ad variation?

Answer: You should purchase 1 license for each substantially different ad.

Example: If you have 3 identical ads with just minor text changes, just one regular license is fine.”

....but it really depends on how long would be the part in which you are using the template. Getting a new one for what you wrote hmmm seems like a overkill….

Using it in “episodes” is more for “lower third” packs and stuff like that I suppose: “A YouTube series that releases an episode every week (52 total) would only need to purchase a regular license once every year. A free magazine that releases an edition every other month would need to purchase a regular license once every year.”

I think that you can go with the regular licence. And after each 52 episodes you can get another licence. If I got it right, it will be something like a template for short video passage to start some conversation after a video. That seems okay to me… :)

Hi! I love this item, I want it, but I my Win 7 is 32 bits and I can’t find any compatible AE to run your file. What can I do? Please, help me, I want this clip for a close product campaign. Thanks for your help!

I’ve tried to port it to CS4 with one plugin, but the exported output would require a lot of additional work because many things were broken :P I can send you the file, maybe you could find a use for it, but you’ll bump into few issues, plus some parts are not usable…

Hey, guys! I have found a friend who lets me work on her 64 bits PC. Can not wait! :D

I don’t know if this has been asked before, but any chance you have or will be offering an expanded library of images with this project?

Yes, I’m already working on it. Im preparing several different packs. But I really dont know when it will be out, the scope is more than a month…

Dang. I’m working on this template now for a client and I need an image of a house. I guess I’ll go to one of my stock sites and get one there. Thanks anyway, and GREAT job on this template!

Hello, I just purchased this file. Is there a preview of Main Comp 2 (IT) that you could share with me that is put together with the sound? The MP3 file has no sound.


the music files are not included in the project. This is a regular thing on videohive, majority of the templates doesn’t include the music, because it would be required to get an extended licence + many people want another music anyway. It’s also stated in the project’s description under “VOICEOVER & MUSIC LINKS” where are also links to all the music files (http://videohive.net/item/whiteboard-pack-make-your-own-story/5355969)

The mp3 layer is there to make it easier to replace it with the music of your own choice. There is a dedicated tutorial for this in the documentation folder > tutorials with name “8 – Adding Music & Voiceover.mp4”.

I hope this helped, cheers!

Cool Work. Do you will make it available for Apple Motion as well? :) Greets

Thank you mister Tiger :) Unfortunately, the project is only for After Effects :( I’m sorry…. Regards

Outstanding project! Wish You many sales!

Outstanding project! Wish You many sales!

I tried to download but every time something goes wrong because I can´t reach to 715,56 mb of the file. The download cuts off nearly to 230 mb or less.

Please let me know if you have the source link in other place to download correctly.


Hi Mario, yeah, this happens pretty often.

Please contact me by email via my profile page (the little form on the right side) so I can send you the details.

Heheh I’ve discovered Powtoon a while ago, it looks really amazing :) I gotta try it

Hi, I just bought your fantastic pack but the .rar doesn’t work. It says “End incorrect archive” regards

Hello :) uh, sorry for inconvenience. It might got corrupted while downloading.

Please write me message via my profile page, I’ll send you another download link so you could start working before you download it from VH second time :)

Maybe a simple question if I knew what to ask Google…

How can we use your existing masks on our own png files? Specific example: We like the mask used in “6 1 14_Crowd1&2 Draw1”. We want to replaced [6 1 14_Crowd1.png] with our own hand-drawn png. I can see the mask icon in the layer name so I understand somehow they’re linked—how do we put our own PNG in place that still has your [mask5_partial1] mask applied?

I hope that made sense…


sure it makes sense :) I can send you a video tutorial where it is explained, but I wouldn’t like to put it here. Please send me email via my profile page or directly to misterhorseproduction @ gmail.

Cheers, MH.

I loved it! Great work!

Thanks much :)

Just a quick question about the file size! In the description i see that it is 1030 MB … but when i start to download … it’s 628 MB

So when i extract the .rar file … it shoud extact to the Correct 1030 MB file size …. right?

Hello :) yeah. The .aep files are much smaller compressed. Most of the file size are the tutorials and pre-rendered scenes. Then images. The .aep file has around 100MB

Thank you for the prompt reply. Awesome project btw.