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This is a really nice whiteboard pack! It’s really easy to use and it saved me a lot of time. :)

I just finished a project using the product. Take a look if you’re interested.

Thank you for your comments and sharing. :)

Hello Justmotion!

I’m not familiar with AfterEffect. Is this a project for initiated only or I can make a presentation without too much pain?

I dont know well AE. If i have some pain, can i contact your for little help ?

WB Project have pdf tutorial. And we can help you..

Another (and last? :) ) question : It’s possible to rewrite words how are in english by another language ?


I’m in trouble with the camera. You say that we need to click the 3D button for work with the camera.

Indeed when I don’t, the images display but they are not linked to the camera.

But when I do, the images simply disapear and I can’t use them.

Can you help me with that ?

I’m using CS6.

Thanks Nico

It’s allright I found the solution, I needed to unzoom to replace the image in the center of the camera after clicking on the 3D button

Whiteboard Pack is Great! However I need to create some additional graphics and would like them to match the graphics in the Pack as closely as possible. I’m using this to give the graphics a similar look to the shadow images in the Pack. Is there a better way? Also, can you tell us what photoshop shadow and border settings were used for the Pack images?

Thank you for your purchase and comment. We used Photoshop expand for white border and drop shadow effects for shadow. You can give same effects with your action creator.

Hi, I want to buy this but I need to confirm if I need to use an image or graphics that is not in the included library will I still be able to use the hand drawing effect?

Thank you

hi, yes.. you can add your graphics in the projects library.

ok and I can animate that with either the drawing hand or hand drag? thanks

if you can use AE, yes..


Can i make the drawing faster? Can I extend the composition duration? Thanks for your help


Yes you can make these changes. If you ask for details please contact me via mail.

Can i use this templete to be on Spanish and Portugues?

You can write in any language

Can Adobe AE CC work with your product

Yes, it works.

Hi I’ve just purchased, how do I change text, change fonts and change elements, thanks

Hi, the answers to all these questions in the detailed pdf tutorial file which comes with the downloaded main file.

just purchased this new whiteboard christmas today -renders are taking forever and coming out blank! I have tried shortening to a little comp of 10 sec and still issues of corrupt files and missing elements -any ideasI am using a MAC AE CS5.5 and have 30 gigs of ram

never mind – I had to upgrade to After Effects CC(2014) for anything to work. So far so good but it would have been nice to know before hand!

Sorry my friend but i didnt write ‘Fast Render’ This is a detailed and high quality template for advertisement. For 3 min video is about 40 min. on my mac and it has 16 gb of ram. There must be another problem on your system or etc.. I didnt receive a comment about long render before from 520 purchaser. Regards.

Hy congratulations for the excellent work. I have some questions before purchase. Is it possible to change the red color of items for a different color? Do .png files are vector for possible changes in thickness and shape? In case of not vector format for png, Is it possible to obtain the elements (people, flags, arrows, etc..) in vector format? We would like to make some changes in the designs of the elements. Best regards.

Justmotion, awesome work!!!

thank you

como puedo agregarle el audio? (voz en el video) no viene incluida

sorry.. just english..


Purchased your product and it looks pretty applicable to what I was asked to do, but AfterEffects is new to me. Still learning. do you have a finished dummy project I can look at, or a video tutorial or even the PDF version I got with the product, but written for idiots like me? Thank you,

Hello, I want to know when i need some spezial software or programm to opened the download of your product? thanks

after downdoad it works on after effects cs5 and above

Just purchased your amazing template. What I love most about it is that everything is a comp. I can save the comp and take it into Premiere Pro and piece my project together. Sometimes this works easier for me especially when I need to sync the video with a voice over.

I am so please with this and the fact that you gave us sooooooo many options for graphics (footage files). And different versions to choose from. And you also included sound effects and voice overs? That’s just crazy! I’ve never found anything as detailed and generous and I’ve been purchasing from this site for years. I’m not complaining about the others, just giving you recognition for making this so complete, it could work for anyone, any topic. There will always be a graphic or two needed because an author simply can’t predict everything that will be needed. But you made this issue almost totally a non issue.

I also think the pricing was generous for the content. Some will say it’s high but when compared to others with less, you are smack on!

I love this! You not only Rock . . . you ROLL! Thank YOU!!!!

Hi I like to do promo for my software product.

I am looking for objects like laser printer, deskjet printers, bank cheques(checks), checks geting printed continously from a printer.

If you could provide that I will buy the product.

the best pack ever ! including sounds and more ! so so thanks for this job, buy it now !

thank you :)

Hi!.One question. Could I use the same escene several times and just change the character faces and sentences?. I mean, for example 20 scenes made by the same precomposition?. Or do I have to strictly stick to the order of the scenes template?. Can I create a project with just one scene or 200 scenes if I want? Thanks so much!

Sorry, another question. Do you provide a videotutorial?. Thanks!