Discussion on Whiteboard Animation Pack

Discussion on Whiteboard Animation Pack

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Outstanding pack! Well done!

Thank you NenadVFX :)

Nice work buddy!

Thank you 3Ddym :)

I have a nooby quastion. Can the text on the slides be any language? Or its automatically English and to make my language text, Russia i should spend lot of time?

Yes. The text can be any language.

Is there a possibilety to add af few elements of your one? For example I want to add my own logo in the same drawing style…

Do you have a tutorial ore something how people can add there drawings in the project?

If this is possible ore if you can tell me how to do this I will purchase this pack. Realy nice work!

Yes you can add your own footage, logo, character, drawings and you can find detailed pdf tutorial in project folder. And feel free contact me via e-mail.

hi admin.. i am new on after effect and so happy see your project..

sorry if my answer so is it posible if i create my own character or sign to make some project with this?

thanks you.. ^^

ops..sorry..i think the answer is

Grea!!! Nice wok :) Check my music if you like

Thank You :)

very creative, very cool! :)

Thank You :)

Hello, I understand you can add your own graphics, but is it possible for the hand TO DRAW the custom graphic? not just drag it?

if you purchase whiteboard pack template then you can see pdf tutorial. This template prepared for that you can create your own video with 2500 design elements. You can add your artwork in the project but you have to use good Adobe After Affects. We have support for freelance works. We can create your video with extra price.

Brilliant! I liked the way you did it. Keep it up! :)

Thank you :)

Can we change the color of the animation?

red to blue per example? thx

Yes you can.

After i edit text, the voice over will not match. Do i need to get a different voice over then or it will change automatically with edited text?

Voiceover won’t change when you edit text. If you need voiceover then you need new voiceover for your video. You can click voicebunny logo on whiteboard pack detail page and get %20 discount for voiceover.

nice and very good project … liked it .. :) I’ve shared my first project on videohive can you say your opinion about it tnx man :)

Thank You :)

Hi I am new to After Effect but i am quick learner, is it possible to play around with your project without having expert knowledge? or it will not give me some Macintosh 9.0.4 error?


I have a template from and it gives me this error. That document should be open in Untitled document. Other thing its very hard to edit even that’s why i ask you 1st that can i edit them or your pack will be also hard to edit.

I already bought but if i have trouble i will write you.

yes feel free to contact us.

Hi there I found your work and details from and want you help in explaining our story with you whiteboard pack.I want to know can you help us to make our business explanation animated video because I don’t know how to use After Effect. I can provide you music , voice over and script for our video, our video is 2 minutes max length and have two parts.

I want to know how much it you will charge to do this work.

Regards Mo

Hi, Yes we can help you. First of all we need to see details about your work. Please contact via mail. Thank you.

Great! I sent you a mail from your website , did you received it? and where can I find mail details. Cheers Mo

and where can I find mail details on videohive?

How do I change the color from red to another one. Thanks

I purchased this a few days ago AND LOVE IT… SOOO EASY! (Except one problem I’m having – which is my lack of knowledge)

I’m still trying to figure out how to properly duplicate the text layers. When I duplicate a layer and type new text, it changes all the layers of that type throughout my project…. I know this is just my lack of After Effects knowledge but I need help. I did duplicate the layer (text comp) and it says XXXXXX 2 … or XXXXXX 3… but still changes all the other text that use that same comp.

Hope I explained my problem correctly.

Any ideas? Tim

Hi, Dont duplicate layer. Just duplicate ‘Comps’ from the project tab. (left bar). After this drag and drop duplicated comp to the scene. Thank you.


I might be interested by your product, however, the voiceover need to be in French… By reading your comments, I am not sure about what are my options… Could you help me on this question please ?

Thank you :)

you can check this site from here for French voiceover.

Hi, amazing product… this will be very useful for my new business. Could you please tell me what softwares I need on my computer to edit and upload the video on youtube? Is after effect all I need or do I need softwares like video sribe and Powtoon?

The sooner you get back to me the sooner I can buy this product, quick response please :)

Thank you

Just need AE CS5 or above


Is it possible that the hand drawing and moving things can be brown?