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wow, amazing work ! Great ! :)

Thank you! :)

Very, very cool job Justmotion !!!

Thank you Draganov89 ! :)

Outstanding pack! Amazingly done!

Thank you my friend!

What a great project!

Thank you! :)

Very cool. I love these packs that allow for so much flexibility.

I’d love to see the same features in a more refined graphic style. The whiteboard style isn’t right for my clients, but having a pack that was really modern, high end graphics would be so helpful.

Good luck with sales!

Thank you very much DanielBurns

This is really cool. I love all the items in packs. White bord is useful for my clients but I love the features also. With full packs this is REALLY AMAZING!

Congratulations… Probably you are going to be on Top Seller board for long time… Lovely!!!!

thank you:)

Very good stuff !!! ;)

Thank you! :)

This is an incredible pack my friend. I can only imagine how long it took to work on this..! Awesome work :)

Thank you AmigoProductions! :)

Great Stuff mate…!! really outstanding..!!

Thank you my friend!!!

Perfect Work !!! .. I like Videohive. Thanks competition gets better and better jobs :)

Thank you!! :)

Woooow !! I’m an illustrator about 20 years and i never see like this awesome pack in my life. This work have many category and wonderful illustrations. Absolutely Outstanding Pack !!!

Good luck with sales :)

:) Thank you Rocket400!!!

massive pack, I wish you good sales!

but I really start to wonder how many elements somebody has to put in such a pack to get a price tag of $50. I mean seriously, $40 for 2500 drawings?

Thanks. Well i don’t know why but i agree this must be $50

you should ask for a price increase

Excellent pack my friend!!! Awesome!!!! ;)

Thank you my friend!! :)

This is a really great project! :)

Thank you!

You have done great job, wish You many sales!

Thank you!! :)

Awesome job! This is a hell of a deal for $40!

Thank you dfranz1