What´s On Your Mind?

What´s On Your Mind?

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“What´s on your mind?” is a breathtaking project developed using 100% After Effects, it´s useful for corporate or personal photos and videos, weddings, presentations, portfolio samples, events, birthday parties…

Project Features

  • 35 image/video placeholders (Cover photo, profile photo and 33 placeholders)
  • Project length: 2 minutes and 20 seconds
  • After Effects CS5 or above in Full HD ( 1920 X 1080 px , at 29,97fps)
  • PDF help file included
  • No plugins required. Optical Flares plugin was used but there is a prerendered sequence. If you need to modify this effect, there is a composition included.
  • Easy and fast customization
  • 4 resolutions available: HDV: 1280×720 Full HD: 1920×1080 DV NTSC Wide: 720×480 DV PAL Wide: 720×576
  • Time to render: About 38 minutes, using a Core I7 870 with 12gb ram, multiprocessing render ON
  • 12 useful controllers, including turn on/off subtitles:
  • Captions Customization

    Change icons on starting themes


  • The music you´ve heard in sample project is called “Uplifting & Inspiring Upbeat Indie Pop” composed by the artist Blue Fox.
  • The photos and videos in sample project were taken by Photodune and Videohive artists: “Cover Photo”, “Profile Photo”, Placeholder 01, Placeholder 02, Placeholder 03, Placeholder 04, Placeholder 05, Placeholder 06, Placeholder 07, Placeholder 08, Placeholder 09, Placeholder 10, Placeholder 11, Placeholder 12, Placeholder 13, Placeholder 14, Placeholder 15, Placeholder 16, Placeholder 17, Placeholder 18, Placeholder 19, Placeholder 20, Placeholder 21, Placeholder 22, Placeholder 23, Placeholder 24, Placeholder 25, Placeholder 26, Placeholder 27, Placeholder 28, Placeholder 29, Placeholder 30, Placeholder 31, Placeholder 32, Placeholder 33, Friend small photo 01, Friend small photo 02, Friend small photo 03, Friend small photo 04.
  • The “Cards Flip” sound effect that you can hear in the beginning is included, and it has 1 second long.
  • The “Mouse clic” sound effect that you can hear in some moments is included, and it has less than 1 second long.
  • Screenshots

    • Places in sample project: Fortaleza Brazil, London UK, Paris France, Rome Italy, Africa, Melbourne Australia, New York USA, San Francisco USA, Tokyo Japan

    After Effects customizations and support

    Most of our templates were made in an easy way to edit even for After Effects beginners. However, if you don’t have After Effects or time to edit and render, for a fee we can customize it. If you need advices on any projects, please contact me through the message box in this page. We’re located on the northeast coast of the Brazil (-3 GMT). Have a nice day!