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Very Beautiful Titles! Congrats!

These don’t mention WHAT text you can edit. Dates and names. That’s all you get. Be warned…..

Very nice project, good sale wish :)

Very cool!!! I know why I can’t make such a video. When I was little boy, my mom bought me a violin :) ...and I can do music!!! ;) I wish you great sales, and I will be glad to cooperate!

I can’t get the sample video to play on my computer, is there a glitch with this?

Great work! Good luck

Can you please mention what all elements can be edited ?

Awesome project!

I just bought this but can’t figure out how to install…Where are the Clean Transitions to copy? I should have read further this is not easy

I would like a refund on this item I cannot make it work

i can’t get them to work, I did as directed & have version 10.2.2 have installed and re-installed and still get the T error

Very bad as they mentioned Compatible with Final Cut X 10.3 or later i have final cut pro x 10.1.3 and i its old version but they mentioned later so i purchased its not working and i waste my money on this project

I have followed all of the directions perfectly. I’m running 10.2.2 I have done everything, read your documentation carefully, downloaded the fonts, I’ve quit fcpx, reopened, however I still can’t get these to work. Please help, or I would like a refund. Thanks.

Grate job ! I wish you happy sales !


Hello .. I hope you have great sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D

Hello, I tried to download you Wedding titles pages and put it into my motion templates/titles, however when I go to FCPX it just shows error when I drag onto the clip. I am using the latest 10.4.2 version, perhaps this is only meant for older versions? If so, can you please send a refund, I will not be downgrading or using these.


knnond Purchased

I can’t download font Vevey, I need to donate 5 dollars. (sorry I put 0 dollars and dowloaded)