Discussion on Wedding Photo Album And Slideshow II

Discussion on Wedding Photo Album And Slideshow II

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thank u artem

Beautiful project my friend! :)

You know i love your works!.. It means a lot to me your words, even when the project seems not to be interesting for buyers till now. Thank u Berybub.

Great work, Beautiful project :)

Thank you Usmanrafi. You have always kind words for my projects, Than you very much

Thanks again guys!

Beautiful work :) Nicely done

Thank u Wayman. I have seen you have a great poker project!! My first project in VH was a poker project but it didntt work so well as your.

nice! How can i see the second version you mention?


HI. The second version is what you see in the pages of the album but in full screen without the album. If you need to see a little preview i can make a render for you. send me an email if u want.

Muchas gracias amigo!! Como supiste que era español?? Un saludo desde Madrid!

Nice work

I need some help with this project.

When I try to put any photo , after import the files, in place holder the After Effects CS 5 has crash every time.

I try with 100 dpi,72 dpi,300 dpi …same error.

Any sugestion ?

I bought version 1 to..and is work fine …this one not works for me. I try to make and render the clean full screen version.

In use for this project : i7 – 6 core procesor and 24 gb ram

Hi, first of all thank u for buy this project. Its hard to know whats happened, but in my experience when something like you tell me happens, in most cases its a bug that is hold in the cache and its not easy to solve. I belive that the best option is that i send to you the project and try to work with this one. I think it will work. Writte to my email and i will send it. I know you can download again from Videohive but i think is better if i send you the Ae file. Also you can try to import from a new empty project the Ae project file and look if it works. So i wait for your email to send to you the project, and dont worry, we will get to open the project and use your photos.

Thanks for help .Resolved


im glad we could solve the issue. I have in mind a new design for a wedding album but it will take at least 3-4 weeks until upload and i want to give it a special look in transitions and decorative elements.

hi. Jvirgos. i had the same problem with AS. i am using AE 5 .5 and it crashed everytime i try to put a photo in the placeholer. how did you solve the problem. any suggestion. email is

Hi. Dont worry. Write to my email and i will send you the project again. Im going to reupload the project to vh for the buyers that could have the same issue. But it will take days to review for videohive staff so if you dont want to wait, write to my email and i will send you the project and i f you have any other question feel free to ask me. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

ok. can you just send the file to . thanks.

Of course.please let me know it wok fine to reupload it to videohive

Nice work.

but i need some help, when i open the project, i got a warning message, it says 15 files are missing since you last saved this project. and when i open the project i see a lot of color bar in the view. how do i fix this? my e-mail:

Check your email. For some reason you have lost the link with the prerendered files. Solution in your email. Thanks for buy!

Excellent work!

A man of his word who goes the extra distance to satisfy his customers. I look forward to more projects from you.

Thank you Rocky. i really appreciate your kind words. Im glad you will follow my future works. Now I cant work for health problems but hope to come back very soon.!


Pero tengo problemas. I have been trying to put my photos into placeholder and they do not appear! I am working on cs6 on my mac os x. Now when i work on my pc everything works and i render fine but when i want to transfer to a drive it says the file is too big and i know i have space in my drive. please help my email is Gracias.

You have an answer in your inbox email

I also purchased this and photos not showing when I put them in the placeholders. Something is not right. Please advise. Thanks. My email is

I am using CS6. I do have CS4 and tried that also. It would crash using CS4. Please let me know what i need to do to use this for CS6. Thanks.

Well.Maybe its the zip file from Vh that is corruptedIl. I will upload to you with wetransfer service this afternoon.thank you

I ve just sent the ae it and relink the footage from the folder downloaded in vh.let me know if it works now

Hi there,

When I render the project in After Effects it crashes every time when it starts to render the placeholder 13. I have tried 2 different computers with After Effects CS5 and 5.5 and it crashes everytime.

I was wondering if you can help at all? I need to finish this by 2nd June as it for my Wife for our anniversary.

Many Thanks

hello.Dont worry. You will get the render before 2nd June.Please write to my email and i will send you the project via wetransfer. If the project still crashes with this new one, we will see other options but dont worry, you will be on time.

Hello Virgos! I really love this project. Well done, but I am experiencing some problems when I try to edit it in adobe after effect CS6. I replace the videos like in the tutorial, but the photos don’t show up in the main composition. I hope it is something that can be fixed. I am expecting your answer soon. Here is my e-mail:

Hello. write to my email through my profile page and i will give you support

Hi Virgos, I really like this project, is it compatible with After Effects CC ??



Yes it is, btw let me know if you find any doubt. I would be very happy to support you.


Please don’t worry.. ask me for any doubt or help. I can help you in all process to be in time. Trust me please

thank you so much….I am trying very hard and I am really struggling. It is for my sisters wedding. After effects is confusing

Hi. Can you write me please from the account you have buyer the project?