Wedding Invitation (Announcement)

Wedding Invitation (Announcement)

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Hello, welcome to the Wedding Invitation (Announcement)! Why print & send out invitation cards, when you can simply buy this template, insert your pictures, type your own invitation text, and e-mail this beautiful animation to your friends & relatives! Or link your video on your social networks, and let everybody know that you’re getting married! This template is very easy to use and it doesn’t use any plugins. You can put your pictures instead of those “LOVE” letters, you can very easily change colors of the box, and the ribbons. There are 2 placeholders for those 2 cards, and you can simply change your text, or you can design your own card (put pictures or graphics in, etc).


  • After Effects Cs5, Full HD (1920×1080), 24 fps
  • 1:00 long, 9 independent scenes (modular structure)
  • Up to 7 picture placeholders
  • 2 invitation card holders
  • Easy editing, very well organized
  • You can very easily change colors of the box and the ribbons
  • No plugins
  • Renders in about 1 hour on i7
  • Illustrated tutorial
  • Pictures from preview are not included
  • Music is not included, find it here: Wedding by audiophile-trax

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