Wedding Album Pop up Book

Wedding Album Pop up Book

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This template allows you to animate your images or videos in the style of a pop up book.

  • 18 Unique page turn animations
  • Up to 30 Placeholders (Means you can load up to 30 images or videos in to the Template)
  • Ten 30 second Opener animations
  • 1080p Project (720p and SD versions included)
  • No Plug-ins required
  • Easy to customize (Just place your Images, type your text and render)
  • Modular template. Which means you can shorten or lengthen the animation, add pages or remove pages as you wish
  • Custom controls to make sure you can place your text and videos accurately
  • After Effects CS4 and higher.
  • Comprehensive support videos to guide you how to customize the template.
  • Page turn sound effects included
  • Quick render time
* You can purchase the audio tracks here, from the amazing “Pinkzebra”. * If you like the fonts used in the preview video, you can download them from here for free


* “Fantastic Product!!! So easy to work with and revise – thanks!!!” – MemoryMagic (Buyer, Canada)
* “Thanks for the quick support! Worth every penny  :) ” – Bengamin Nagel (Buyer)
* “very good project and good video quality… ” – lcuapitano (Buyer)
* “amazing worked real cool! ” – karepa (Buyer)

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Screen Captures

 photo a01_zps4b1f7006.jpg  photo a02_zps828a7a6a.jpg  photo a03_zpsbc4c66ea.jpg  photo a04_zpsbb118c0a.jpg  photo a05_zpsda1cc46f.jpg  photo a06_zps2266369a.jpg  photo a07_zpsf299dd7c.jpg  photo a08_zps0656e83c.jpg  photo a09_zpse3e44c88.jpg  photo a10_zps6cc66c6d.jpg

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* Links to the imges used in the preview video