Discussion on Website/Service/Product Presentation

Discussion on Website/Service/Product Presentation

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Very nice presentation.

Very nice Project!!

Good work! Continue in the same spirit!

Well done presentation! :)

Very nice work!!!

great presentation, good work ! :)

Good Work !!! :)

Beautiful project!!

Hey, I find your template realy pretty. Can I make every stage as long i as want? is it simple? Can I change every color? Can i make every word sync with my audio?

Thanks for answering! Cheers, Peta

Hi! Yes, you can change duration, project includes video manual how to do it. Also you can change color and titles.

Hello, the template looks really good, If I purchase what software do I need to edit the video?

Hi! Our templates are made for After Effects. If you don’t work with this software, we offer additonal services for adaptation template with you content. You can write us direct message and describe your task. Thanks.

It’s very delicious. This is a difficult job but very good !!! nice to look at!!! good luck to you!

Hi, sounds nice ! Great job. I’ve got a silly question : are there dropzones in the computers and smartphones screens ?

Hello, sorry, I don’t understand clearly what you mean by word “dropzones”. If you are interested in placing photo/video files into template – yes, our item allow it. Thanks for your message.