Discussion on Website Promo X

Discussion on Website Promo X

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very very nice!

Very nice work!

Really cool promo! +

Cool project!

Friend, I wish you further promotion and constant inspiration. Stay always on the positive! ;)

Aww your 20% discount has ended

Hello, unfortunatly discount has ended. We’ve updated the price on our website too.

Okay. Will buy it nevertheless. Thank you

Thanks for choosing our template! Have a great expirience with it

Hi, I was wondering how I could remove the white background and export with a transparent background for your template. Would like to show the website popping up on top of my footage.

never mind, resolved on my end, thanks.

If you will have any questions feel free to contact us, thanks

Good day,

I get this error, “This project contains 4 references to missing effects. Please install the following effects to restore these references. (“Gaussian Blur”)

Please how do I correct this?

Thank you

Hello, thanks for contacting us. What about 4 missing effects and font – we are going to update this template and this problems will be solved. Also contact us via email and we will explain how to increase the time

Good day,

I can seen you have done an update of the template but how do I use it, since I have already started working on a project.

I cannot start from the beginning of my project, so is there a way to update the template without having to start again?

Thank you


We have solved the problem with the missing effect in older versions and changed the font in the whole project. If this problems wasn’t affecting your work then you can work with the previous version.

Have a great day.

How do you change the colour of the background for Shot_02 where it is typing the website url?

In the example video, it shows that Shot_02, the inside is colour and the outside has no colour, however it is the other way around when buying the package. How do I get it so there is no colour background from Shot_02, but instead where it is typing to URL there is colour there?

Hi, I’ve just recently purchased your animation and I have to say it look awesome:) I have one problem though: could you please provide some tutorial on how to extend the time of the chosen scenes? I would like for example to slow down the Shot_03 by 50% so it would go longer. The problem is, when I use Time Stretch on the selected Shot and export, it looks choppy and so nice anymore:( Perhaps I would have to change duration somewhere else?

How do you edit the timing of the transition in and out on the text?

Hello, we answered by email, check please