Discussion on Website Presentation

Discussion on Website Presentation

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nicely done. really like it :)

Very nice and professional! Thank you for using my music!

thank you!

Fantastic work buddy!!! ;)

Excellent Project! :-)

Very cool project! ;)

thank you!

Awesome design Well done :)

Hi will, this work with cs6?

Sorry, but no. For now.

Great work! I can’t seem to get the “website” to move/scroll, which is kind of the reason why I bought it ;) It will only show the design as a still. What am I doing wrong? Hope you can help :)

Hi Buchsas! Thank you for your purchase! There is no website animation template in the project. Different websites have different vertical lengths. So, I can not make an animation that will be universal.

From the comment above. If we add a long PNG of a site will your template scroll it like on the demo video?

Also I would love to see some faster version of this with more up beat music and a better ending to get in touch with the studio

Hi there. I additionally did a screen recording where I showed how to create a simple webpage scroll animation. (I can send in addition)

As for the second question: I am ready to discuss it. Just write me on

Look so nice, i will buy

Thank you! Also, I will be very grateful if you rate this project.

Hi, Will the template still work with After Effects Version 2020? :) (Before I buy the template and it won’t work..)

Sure. The project archive has a little tutorial video. I can sent you some addition which helps you get the scrolling movement. It really easy to use.

Yes that would be great! I will buy the template next week, when I will start the project I’m working on. Can you please send me the addition for the scrolling movement to ? :) Thank you for the fast and awesome help!

Done! Please, check your email. You’re welcome!

Hello, thank you for creating a stylish template. Some great work indeed. I have a a few questions; how do I change the glow of the 3 slides in scene 8? I have managed to change the glow of the other scenes but struggling with scene 8. In some scenes according to the preview provided, the screenshot in a mac or Ipad is supposed to move and scroll up and down but I cant see them moving or scrolling up and down in the timeline when I hit the preview play button. Do I have to first render/export to be able to see that effect? How do I change or toggle/ switch off the icons in the text link? Look forward to hear from you. Thank you. :-)

hello there! Thanks a lot!! As your questions: If you want to change something and add additionally, you can do it manually by going inside the scene you need. Here’s how you can animate the scroll: