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Wow, amazing builder! Very cool stuff!

Excellent Work! :-)

Amazing promo buddy!!! Happy sales!!! ;)

Friend, good work! I wish you many sales and great mood! :)

Good idea! Wish you a big sales!

Colorful work ! Wish you many sales :)

Can I use both photo and video on the screens?

Yes of course!

What is the tablet placeholder resolution?

Hi, thanks for purchasing. The tablet resolution is 2048×2732 for vertical and 2732×2048 for Horizontal. Thanks

Can you tell me the resolutions or aspect ratios for the desktop and laptop placeholder please? Thanks

Hi, 1920×1080 pixels.

Hi. This looks great. Is there a a way to pinch or spread twice or three times without the hand leaving?

Cool. :)

Same for Pinch with index and thumb? There are double pinch and double anti-pinch?

No the is only a single pinch for zoom in and out.

The project does not render smoothly. This is especially visible when changing all comps to 50 or 60fps. Any idea how to fix that?

CS6, i7, Win7, tried several formats. No change.

Thank you too.

Figured it out. The 60fps translate properly, but for some reason the downscale to 50% to FullHD didn’t do any good. Rendering in 4k and then resizing solved the issue. No clue why. Seems like a bug.

Thank you that figure out!!

hi , can that be used with FCPX also?

Hi, no unfortunately not.

Hi Premiumilk. Loading the template for the first time I get an error message … 15 files ares missing… It seems to be in the Devices Layers Folder … Waiting for your instructions. Thanks

I don’t …

Files missing are mobile and tablet devices … 3 colors

You have to install QuickTime in order to access some footage that included. Thanks