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Discussion on We are Huemans

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Is there a way to have two characters facing each other in a conversation… or are they all looking leftward?

Thanks!... what about that shadow? Is there a way to keep it consistant so it matches the correct lighting?

I’m not sure about that, the shadow could perhaps be left un-mirrored and might look ok depending on the clips used

Hey Blueandred…. I sent you a personal email/message. Would be able to have a look and get back to me when you can… thanks so much!

I love these but desprate for female version and wheelchair user… what’s the chances before September 2021? Puh-leeeease?

Hi there, these are great ideas but sorry but there are no plans currently for any new characters

Great work. Can this be used in Filmora video editor?

Hi yonsky, I don’t think so, this is for After Effects only

This is amazing! Do you have plans for a female hueman?

Hi. I’m stuck on pre-rendering the animation library. After Effects keeps crashing on me and I don’t know what to do anymore. Got any tips or similiar problems solved? Using the latest After Effects CC18.

Best, Fabian

Hi Fabian, sorry you are having problems with the template. I have not heard of anyone facing similar problems. If it continues to happen then can you try on a different computer, or with a different ae version?

Hi. I tried on 2 PCs already, crashed on both, on one instantly and on the other after 2 hours of rendering.

Do I have to use your animation output module or is it just quicktime with an alpha channel? Because rendering with the Media Encoder works fine and that’d be a workaround I guess.

Regards, Fabian

Yes that might be a work around, as long as the QuickTime has an alpha channel

Very cool and neat project! ;) I wish further promotion and a lot of sales! :)

Nice project

Wow, nice project!

Hi blueandred, i just bought the regular license for 49$. I made the installation as describe inside the video 1. I have after effect CC 2015, when i open “BNR_aeTemplate_wearehuemans_CS6_CC_v1.1.aep”, i have somme error message and i can’t use your product -:

“This project contains some expression errors: error 1 of 455” in After Effect. Please help.

=> when i tried to customize the character, nothing happen. I used AE since 1 year and i never had this kind of message

I also have this : (sorry it’s in french)

After Effects (alerte) : les dépendances de certains calques sont introuvables. Appuyez sur Ctrl+C pour copier cette liste.

7 dépendances manquantes :

1) Calque de texte : Famille de polices : “Lato”, Style de police : “BlackItalic”

2) Calque de texte : Famille de polices : “Lato”, Style de police : “Black”

3) Calque de texte : Famille de polices : “Lato”, Style de police : “BoldItalic”

4) Calque de texte : Famille de polices : “Lato”, Style de police : “Bold”

5) Calque de texte : Famille de polices : “Lato”, Style de police : “Italic”

6) Calque de texte : Famille de polices : “Lato”, Style de police : “Light”

7) Calque de texte : Famille de polices : “Lato”, Style de police : “Regular”

Thank you for the help,

Hi, there is a section on this in the documentation – for the extra characters you will need to create pre rendered clips, and import them back into your project, please message if you need more help.

Hi, Thank you for this answer. Actually, i imported more copies of the template file into the project, by going to File>Import, and choosing the file BNR_aeTemplate_wearehuemans_CS6_CC_v1.1.aep. When i do that, the new comp CHAR_BLUE001_globals_comp has the same name as the one already imported before and then when i modified the new one, the old one is also modified. Could you help me ? I already tried to modify the name of the comp but this is not working

Yes I would expect it to behave that way if you imported the project back in to itself. Instead you will need to render out your extra characters, as a movie with an alpha channel, and import those files to add to your comps.

Please give me the winzip password !

Hi Hanserito, the zip file does not need a password.


Are the arms folded in front pose and the saluting pose included in the package?

They’re pictured in the description, but not shown in the video.


Hi Prodos, Sorry but these poses are not included in the template animations.

Okay. Thanks for the clarification.

By the way – to anyone browsing these comments – the author “blueandred” DID inform me by email of this a while back, when I emailed him, shortly after posting the question in this comments section. So the gap in time between “question” and “answer” is not at all as big as it appears. :-)

Hi, when you purchase the template I see you get a couple of ‘ready made’ templates. Is the “What is a Hueman” video the promotional video you use to promote your template ?

I’m fairly new to After Effects but think I can create the story I need from tweaking some of the examples you showcased.

I assumed it is, but wanted to check before purchasing.


Hi Ceri,

Yes the “What is a Hueman” Story is included.

If you are new to After Effects, and not sure about the template, take a look at the tutorial videos for the template on youtube:

Brilliant – thanks

Hi, i am with AE 2018 and when im opening the project, my character as everything on him (bow, tie, hat, hammer…) and everthing is red. Im also unable to change color and get rid of something (bow, tie, hat, hammer…) Ty and WTF lolll

still having problems, ive sent a screeshot

For anyone else with this issue, switching the language in After Effects to English solved the problem.

Yep, tx for helping me and tx Envato for not letting me down. There is no small business and you proved it.

Cool and wonderful work! something very worthy !! I wish good sales !!


Hi motionflair, this is not a service we provide with this template at this time

Hello! Great looking character! Love the animations too. I know the preset ones are prerendered, but is there a way to go deeper and create your own movements? Thanks!

Hi Adam, glad you like the character! Unfortunately, creating your own movements is not possible with this template, as all the animations are pre-rendered

Hi! Id like to know if there’s a lip sync function on the project to use with the character or it’s only by word-by-word bubble. If it has I will definitely buy it. Thanks for this amazing work!!!

Hi kardalin, thanks for the nice comments about this template! Unfortunately there is currently no lip sync function with this project, only the speech bubble.

Author, you can increase sales by adding updates and you realy need to add “drag” and “phone talk” its a 2 most wanted busines animations…

Thanks Averus

i need you advise, how i can make 60 fps video with Huemans ? Time warp effect dosnt fix glitch…

Hi Averus, as this template uses pre-rendered components, it supports 24fps only. can you include this font into downloading file ?

Hi Averus,

The first warning is just a message saying the project file is being converted to your version of After Effects. Which version are you using?

The other two look as though the source files can’t be read for some reason. Please can you try downloading the project file again, and make sure you unzip the entire contents before opening the After Effects file. Also please check you have Apple QuickTime installed.

The link for the fonts used in the project are included in the html help file.


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