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How do I create GIF images with this template?

In After Effects, simply drag and drop your shape animations in place as is shown in the video tutorials. When you’re done you may render the animation result in lossless .mov format.

Open Photoshop and then go to File > Import > Videoframes To Layers.. And browse to your freshly rendered .mov file. Open it and when a popup box pops up, just click ok.

Now in Photoshop you could still mess around with the resolution if you want to. But let’s say you want to export it as GIF right away.

Go to File > Save for Web and Devices. Pick your settings and press the “Save..” button. And that’s it!

Make sure your .gif is never above 2mb, because this will considerably slow down a website for some users. Keep the dimensions low and mess around with the .gif export settings in the “Save for Web and Devices” menu(you can easily get the quality slider down to reduce size).

What does your customization service include?

The customization service is offered at $99 only!

The customization includes: changing of colors, changing of texts and inserting your logo and media(images/videos). You will need to follow the structure of the template as shown in the preview video and tell me exactly which texts need to be replaced at any given time period in the template. You are required to send me a text file, a logo file(optional) and your media files(also optional) through email/dropbox.

I won’t be able to do endless revisions, so take your time and make sure everything is described correctly from your end. I will do all the rest.

You finally will receive a video file in any format you’d like. Turn around time may take up to 3-4 days, but mostly completes within 24 hours.

There can be no other changes done than the ones mentioned above. I’m not able to remove or add in any parts for the mentioned customization price.

The customization price excludes the actual purchase of the After Effects Template file/license($30) and the purchase of an optional audio file(around $17).

I’m also able to find you an appropriate voice over.

Feel free to email me at info [at] or contact me through my profile page.