Discussion on Water Slideshow

Discussion on Water Slideshow

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Cool idea! Looks great!

Thanks…JennyNovak !

Good idea! Well done!


very very nice!


Excellent Work!


Different idea, very nice work :)


Very cool project! ;)


Awesome design Well done :)


Hi, I just bought the template, when opening in after effects it informs that the project contains expression errors: 1 of 366. An example of error: error in line 1 in the color property of layer 23 ( in the composition Pre- Scen 14 property or method is missing or does not exist. How can I resolve this problem since I can not use the template because of these errors. I use After CC. Awaiting return. Thank you.

Hi, I think you are using non English version of AE, just change After effect Language to English And its work if not done let me know..!

Thanks, I used cs6 it worked normally.


Greetings, having small issue with placing picture. The transitions are not affecting the bg photo of each scene. Can’t just drop pictures for scene to scene. Any idea?

Hi thanks for purchasing…..! Can you send some screenshots…..!

yes, can you give me your email address ?

hi, today i bought your template. looks fine in the trailer, but after customizing the scenes and wanna watch it as main comp or full hd, none of the scenes will be shown. if i go to the pre-scenes i can see the water fx BUT i could no play it for rendering. nothing happens and the preview window is black till the end of the main comp. i’m using after effects 16.1 on a pc, german version. it would be great if we can solve this problem

Hi, Just Change after effect language I to English it will work..!

Fantastic slideshow! I have a suitable track for this style. I would be glad if you use it in your projects.

Hello a question about animation When the final video is generated when passing the transitions, the drops that remain in the background and that have a forward movement remain fixed. How can it be solved?

Can you email me screen shot ..?

Hello what does not work are the 3D effect of the water droplets from the bottom, they remain fixed. You have an email to send it to you?


lth218 Purchased

I’m a buyer. Maybe a plug-in error, the project is not working properly. I’m using the English version. Version is 18.2.1.

Thanks for purchasing, please share screen shot on