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I like it! Really looks great! :)

Oh I like it, great depth!

Thanks guys :)

At the same time…. from dust :)

I like it!

doesnt work for me.

Do you have Trapcode Form? If you don’t then it won’t work. You can get a trial from redgiantsoftware.com

ok ill check it out thx!

Do you do any custom work? I don’t have CS4 but I just love this Logo Reaveal video. I think it would make a great opener to my website. If you do custom please let me know. I would want everything the same just my logo instead.

Best regards, Ron

Yeah, no problemz West. You can Email me through my Profile.

doesnt work for me – i have font problem

What exactly seems to be a problem? Sorry, but could you describe the problem a bit more..

1- i have problem with futuralt font (i think its MAC font) i am not workin on MAC

2- it give me that you have 2 missing files

3- i download trial version of TRAPACODE FORM but som red nois happened (DO i ahve to buy it????!!)

You can use any font really :). And yes, you have to buy Trapcode Form in order to get rid of that red thingy

ok friend can i send you my logo and you render it for me and send me the video file again , already i purchesed the project?but i am in hurry can you help me please? if you can help just send me your email to send you the logo.

I can do that for you, but I will charge you as well. Send me an email if you want to discuss the price

its ok but you have to make me discount coz i already purchesed the item :) my email : info@dohavision.com

how can i send you my logo???

I’ll send you an email.

ok thank you i am waiting

I’ve sent you an email. Check your inbox

i’ve reply you,Check your inbox too

hey! I have a question. I bought your template. I really like it but I would like to make the form effect last just 2 seconds. How do I modify the effect’s time? I am new using trapcode form. Thanks a lot!

Can you tell me please how can I edit it once I buy it? I’m new in that field, and do like your works! thks

It is very easy. Just put your own logo and render. Help File is included

hi . great work . i just wanna ask . can i replace the logo with a text ?

Thank you

Hi there,

Yes, you can change it with text as well :)

Hi, it doesnt work. “install Form”

Mac OS 10.9 , AE CC.



To use this project you need Trapcode Form as mentioned in the item requirements.