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Yeah, very cool video! I like this kind of projects! :)

Thank you all!

Nice start!:) Svaka cast!

A evo i nasih! :D
Great work. Welcome to VH! 8-)

Great work mate, Welcome and good luck :)

Awesome work man welcome to VH ! I’m really looking forward to see your upcoming projects, great start.

Thanx again people! (hvala Djordje i Djomla).

Hey,it is so cool!

Cool and effective Motion.

Awesome project!

Wow, amazing stuff!

If i wanted to could I replace the footage of the man, say for example I shot identical footage of a woman doing the same exact gestures, could I replace the footage with her instead?

All screens in this project have complex tracking based on talent movement. I don’t think it is possible to re-shoot new talent with exact same movement. So technically you can replace the footage , but I would be very surprised if somebody can repeat the gestures 100% accurately.

Looks great! One question, is the hand “attached” to the man? I mean, are they both located on the same layer? Thks!

Yes, man/hand is real broadcast qualty shoot, there is no layers or separate compositions there.

Thanks a lot!!!

a very good job! But I think you will increase your sells a lot by finding a way to replace the man with other subjects (a nice, smiling girl, i.e.)

Thank you for suggestion. That will definitely be considered, however as a new project. Something like this requires very complex tracking that is unique for every person, so when right talent appears we might create something similar.

Very Nice. Excellent work. =) GuitarNation