Discussion on Vintage Food Menu - Restaurant Display

Discussion on Vintage Food Menu - Restaurant Display

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Good work!! my friend!! :)


love this style! good luck with sales


Perfect job my friend!!! Wish you happy sales :)

Thank you!

Wow ,this looks great, I’m going to be your first sales…

Hooray, Just like I said, your fist sale, may I bring you many more. Thanks and good luck…:bigsmile:

Thanks again, and good luck with the project.

marnica, please check your email,Thanks.

Hi, pre-sale question – how much of the elements can be changed? e.g. I prefer a darker blackboard and the borders white. Is it possible to change these?

Hi, yes you can change the colours of any element and also width and rounded corners of the border … thanks !


I bought this theme and saw how to change the colors through the control panel but I am not able to change a single menu item or price. can you help me with that?

Thank you

good job

thank you

I just purchased this because I think it is a great template, but I don’t know how to open it on my computer, I have a mac and don’t know how to open and edit it. Help please

hi . you need adobe after effects .

Are you available to customize this? I’m interested in buying it and having some customizations done for a small fee. Let me know.

Just a pre sales question. How much to customize it for me

How much for customize and do you have any dashboard or control panel or we need use After Effects only for fast change content ? and how many monitor you recommend for showing thats slides? Thank you

Hi, customising depends /more info via email/ .... you need AE to edit this theme, but is very easy and intuitive …. regarding monitor, it depends how many space you have, but I recommend so the customer see all menus at once , no waiting for next slide …

Thank you much ! for fast respond can I have email?

Can someone help me how to place a image mine to the template? I don’t know how to placed right to look like the actually template

never mind I found it

What do I do if by accident I delete one of the special-dish-A- place ? :(

Hello! Could you please help me with the background? I want to do it green as in you demo video, but all I get is whit stripes like this:

What do I do wrong?

Thank you!

Hi, it need to be an english AE because the expressions are which control the design are written in english.

Hm, that’s wierd! It’s not the first time i buy templates here and i never had problems like this.

Sorry for inconvenience , it is first time I got this problem either. I will try find a way to fix this problem .

Hi, great style. Is the photoshop file also available ? Thank you

Sorry but I don’t think if is possible to exchange, you need to look out about the terms of this marketplace.

But if bought this one , so you bougth the right one and you can change what you need. Bud as I mentioned you need InDesign for it. But InDesign is better software for print production than Photoshop.

Yes I bought this one, I will let you know if I couldn’t change. Thank you

Thank you.

I like it! great. I wish you many interesting works and good sales!

Ello, does it works with cs6