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I purchased this project and am currently importing photos to it.

I have a couple of questions:

1. How do I simply add another 6 placeholders to PhotoLine_6. There is 10 placeholders in this, whereas the others have 16. I need to simply add 6 more so I can complete the slideshow. I did see the video tutorial on adding another 16 but I just need 6 placeholders.

2. I noticed when you attempt to render the project there is blurs and other effects applied. How do I turn it all off so I just see the pictures the way they are displayed when editing them into the placeholders within the PhotoLine strips.

3. This one will be a lot hard to do. I realize the project isnt built for this but Im using the horizontal random fast option. I was wondering how do you make it so only the slide that is supposed to be shown, in chronological order is visible, whereas the opacity to the other slideshows is darker. For example, if you are at slide 8, then 10 isnt shown until it is its turn, and so on. Once a slide is shown, it remains visible. Hope this makes sense.

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience as Im trying to finish this for my brothers wedding.


Unfortunately I can’t do a video tutorial on this anytime soon. If you are new to after effects, these templates are not meant for complete customization. My answers are the same that I recently posted.

Can you pls tell me how I can extend the time per placeholder?

Right now, Im using the horizontal – fast – random and its exactly what I need but I want to slow it down a bit so the placeholders are visible for like another 1.5 seconds per slide.

Can you pls advise?

Click on “Photogroup_1_Movement. Hit “U”. It will pull up key frames. Those are the movement key frames. So you need to click and drag to highlight certain groups, and move them back and forth in time to fit your needs.

Hi, I am working within your slideshow and chose the Horizontal layout. I am finding that my images are not staying within the frame. They are sitting outside of the frame. However, they fit within the frames with the Vertical layout. How do I change this so that I can use the Horizontal layout. Please advise.

I haven’t heard of that ever happening. Make sure they are filling the comp in the main layer when the pic originates.

Hi picture 9 isnt working properly what can i do? it is urgent thanks

Can you send me a private message. Then we can email. I would like to see a screenshot.

Hi, How do I play after I finished photo line 1, I just want to see if it’s looks good before I input to video

when I see your preview, it’s really fast when changing the photos, but the one I did when I see my preview, its a bit slow, was wondering will be faster after I input to a video or not, sorry I have too many questions, i’m so new here

as long as you don’t move those key frames, it will be the same. After Effects takes a while to render, especially that project. You should google previewing in After Effects. That will help answer the questions.

hi, How can I add more Text Slide, ? Text Slide _7 ,8., 9

Hi, Can I use the project in version AE CC 2019-2020? I just want to be sure before I buy it :-) Regards, Diego

Yes! You shouldn’t have a problem!

Thanks for the reply! :-)


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