Discussion on VideoBook V2

Discussion on VideoBook V2

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Great project man! Love it :)

Solid stuff man. Very pro. Good luck with it.

your 3D is impressive and masive and awesome!! thanks for bringing this projects here plamen.. ;)

Thank you very much guys! :)

spectacular and fantastic, thanks for this contribution

I would like to buy this item, can you tell me is there a way to change the colors more than 4 times? and when I insert the videos, I assume I can also replace it with a picture, will it have that color tint or will I be able to keep the original look of the video/picture? Thanks

Hello.yes,you can use images.Also, you can keep the original colors of your images/ just need to turn off the color corection layers.If you need help please drop me a message through my VH profile.Thanks!

I bought the project. However, I was not able to render it on my machine. My friend tried it too and he couldn’t render it either. We both use After Effect CS4 . I was trying to render the original project without making any changes to it and still it failed. Can you tell me the possible reasons for this problem? Thank you.


Hello.Please give me more info about your machine configuration.What is happen exaclty:bufer crash or some other error? but please contact me through my profile.Thanks!

hi my question is what computer do you use to make these effects? can yo tell me the specs and video card?

This is a stunning videobook. I bought the videobook recently and have not been able to render it, I hope that you may have some ideas or thoughts on this subject. I have tried to render on two different workstations, one a MAC and the other a PC, didn’t work on either. I am looking forward to being able to use your videobook. Thank you.

This is an update to the rendering issue above. I ended up tweaking the preferences in AE CS4 on the PC and eventually I was able to render this beautiful project … The PC is running Windows 7 and has 4GB RAM … the rendering at 1280×720 took just over 31 hours. It was worth it!

Hi ,

It’s a great project I just need to know how to keep the original colors of the images and videos !!!!!!!!!!? Help me plz _

Hi, love the Videobook.

However, when i come to render out at 1280×720 i get the error message

“After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last logged message was: 156 GetDepthPinFlags 5 32:32 bit”

I’m using CS5 and my pc is dual quad core, 12gb ram and windows 7.

you can put pictures instead of video? thanks

Hola, necesito el audio como conseguir la licencia.

He adquirido Video Book v2, me gustan tus trabajos.


Great job1 Where can I get the audio? Thanks

Pretty cool!

Thanks very much! :)

Is there a way to slow the page turn duration?

Hello.Its a really hard thing to do for such book animations.There are so so many key frames that needs to be mo0difyed and it took as lot of time to adjust such Book Template.I did this few times for my two book templates and also for some other template from other author and it wasn’t easy at all.So,you will need some good skills in After Effects to slow or fast the page duration time or to add more pages.So,in case you need it very much,i definitely suggest you to hire some author to do it.Thanks!

regards, Plamen Cvetanov.

hello i have purchased this but please reply me fast how can i increase no. of pages with place holders ??

please i need this ASAP